Travel treasures: Gardening trend at Liberty London

I have been working in London last week and had some time off before flying back. Every time I swear to discover something new and not to go to the same places again but I just can’t help it: Anthropologie and Liberty are so inspiring when it comes to showcase and display their product. The following pictures were all taken at Liberty London.

Gardening is probably one of the strongest trends right now (even used on trend shows) where plants are playing an important role in the interior with those characteristics:

* any kind of container is allowed to be planted

* plants are hanging from the ceiling or walls

* plants are clustered in a vertical position giving the effect of a big green rug

Gardening trend Liberty London hanging cacti | Eclectic Trends

This is one of the most delicate options: hang a cacti or succulent plant in a glass terrarium.

Gardening trend Liberty London containers | Eclectic Trends

I liked the idea of the pink and blue rain boots! I had written this week earlier a post where old and painted shoes have been used.

Interior gardening trend drawers

You can directly plant a succulent or leave it in a different environment in their original pot. Drawers and ladders are perfect!

Gardening trend Liberty London containers | Eclectic Trends

Glass jars, boxes, tins…everything is allowed and being re-purporposed.

Gardening trend Liberty London tins | Eclectic Trends

I have seen many chairs already transformed by taking out the foam  creating a new scenery.

Gardening trend Liberty London chairs | Eclectic Trends

I have to say, I love plants but since I travel a lot, I don’t have them in the best shape. But I just bought a terrarium as you see on the first image and I am still trying to find out how and where to hang it. I guess I am much better at the hanging vases trend with fresh flowers! :-)

How about some extra inspiration?

4 Responses

  1. Que chulo! Me encanta!

    Tomaré unas cuantas ideas…

    De los jardines colgantes de Córdoba o las alfombras de flores de Girona a los cualquiera contenedores del mundo!

    Muy guai!

    un abrazo,


    1. Has ido? Me encantaría ver lo de los patios abiertos en Córdoba un año. Ha de ser espectacular! Un beso.

  2. Fantastic post Gudy, I am loving the rainboots. What I love about plants is that there are so many varietys out there that anything goes. xD

    1. I know, right now everything is allowed. Such a great trend! One of the best we have seen in the past, right? Difficult to get “tired” of it!

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