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Travel treasures: House of Hackney | A recent opening of their flagship store

I was lucky enough to have the very first afternoon still a couple of hours in London strolling around and had been wanting to explore Shoreditch for quite some time now. And as expected, it is a very cool barrio, you have the impression of being in another city. As it happens so many times, I just stumbled upon the recent opened flagship store of House of Hackney. Since we bloggers are so welcome everywhere (it just opens doors), I managed to take still some pictures and asked some questions before they closed that evening.

House of Hackney street | Eclectic Trends

I was not too familiar with the brand honestly and thought it would be a flower shop from the other side of the street, a very nice one though :-)

House of Hackney wild at heart | Eclectic Trends

Imagine the surprise when stepping in (a kind of jaw dropping experience) since the interior was amazing, beautifully decorated, very glamorous and stylish.

House of Hackney faucet| Eclectic Trends

For me the shop has two different souls, kind of connected though. You have this flower wilderness at the entrance, dark and brave, there is nothing light about it being rather kind of dramatic. Lots of pinks and roses underlined with blacks and browns but still more of a drama than romance (that is a very personal opinion!).

House of Hackney flower paper | Eclectic Trends

Wild at Heart has teamed with House of Hackney and it just feels right.

House of Hackney ribbon | Eclectic Trends

Their bouquets mingle perfectly with the HoH style and their collections. If you are up for an interior change, this is your place!

House of Hackney flowers | Eclectic Trends

The second part is about their fabrics, wallpapers and upholstered furniture. To me it looks luxurious, sumptuous and opulent. And non-conformist.

House of Hackney palm | Eclectic Trends

Fabrics are bold, prints are big such as the Palmeral fabric here. Everything can be tailor-made.

House of Hackney wallpaper | Eclectic Trends

Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle’s are behind this British label with a focus on supporting traditional industry. The products are made largely by traditional UK-based specialist factories and to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The Hackney Empire collection (above) is probably one of the most interesting collections and perfect for any statement piece.

House of Hackney clothes | Eclectic Trends

You can find wallpaper, fabrics, bed linen, cushions, lighting, curtains, clothing… I almost bought a bomber silk jacket!

House of Hackney porcelain | Eclectic Trends

The porcelain mug was another favorite of mine and would fit perfect in my collection.

House of Hackney fabrics | Eclectic Trends

I love a different retail concept. It is not easy to find them, there are so many chains invading the cities now. That’s why certain areas in London, Berlin and Paris are still so inspiring. Which is your favorite city to get inspired in Europe and elsewhere?

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. What a nice find – I had not heard about it, either. It must be so great to stroll the streets of London… Btw – are coming to Amsterdam Meet the Blogger? Would be great seeing you again…Gudy, thanks so much for your kind words over at my place – i think, you asked me before about my lens – it is a Nikon 105mm 1: 2.8 and i absolutely LOVE it. It is my all time favorite and i do the wildest stunts just to keep photographing with it and not change to another lens even if that would make much more sense in certain situations :) Happy Weekend to you! ♥Anette

    1. I know the lense you’re having!! And happy to see I am not the only Nikon user in the blogger world:-) Auf bald!!

  2. What a great find – it looks really interesting, I like what I see on this clothing rack! I wish I had more chances to stroll through cool parts of cool cities, but with two small children these times are rare. That’s why I enjoy living in Berlin and having lots of Inspiration around me so much!

    1. Berlin is stil one of the coolest cities. You don’t have to move a lot. Just from barrio to barrio, right? Happy Sunday, Lena!

    1. I hope so too, Geraldine! And yes, Shoreditch is a nice area. Just hope not too many luxury brands will settle there and boost prices…but then there will be a cool area coming up, I am pretty sure :-)

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