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Travel treasures: Kelly Wearstler’s offices and boutique in Los Angeles

How many highlights can you have during one trip? I just know during our BlogTour to LA, this was one of these pinch me moments. Visiting designer Kelly Wearstler‘s offices and boutique has been very inspiring and mostly, a huge learning. I don’t think I have to introduce her, so let’s go directly to the pictures from the afternoon we spent there.

Kelly Wearstler offices_entrance

The entrance to her offices were already a first great impression. She got me at the very first steps to her offices.

Kelly Wearstler_hall

Isn’t that an amazing marble flooring? Marble is definitely one of her signature materials and I love the way she uses it being it for solid furniture, flooring purposes or sculptures. See those b&w books? That’s marble too.

Kelly Wearstler offices_moodboard2

I would have been all happy and satisfied if I had only seen her moodboards. I have been looking at them over and over again, even missing some of the explanations. Can’t help it, I have a true passion for those inspiration boards!

Kelly Wearstler offices

This is her product table where you can admire her latest developments…

Kelly Wearstler offices_head

…such as those heads. Kelly works a lot with semi-precious stones and would open at one point drawers and drawers of single stones. In all colors and shapes! She was explaining the work process and had literally all over her office big open trays with current projects neatly presented. You could observe the render itself and all materials she would work with for restaurants, hotels or residential projects such as leather samples, tiles, fabrics, etc. Since those were works in progress, we did not take any pictures of the trays but I took good note of the presentation itself.

Kelly Wearstler_shop

Her boutique is very close in Melrose Avenue, and off we went for a second visit marveling at her jewelry and clothing collection apart from furniture, decor objects, books, accessories… that’s why we talk about a global lifestyle brand!

Kelly Wearstler offices_brass legs

How about those classic bronze legs?

Kelly Wearstler_shop bangle

I already knew her jewelry collection, she has such a great editorial style, you’ ll see her designs in Europe on several platforms. So having the chance to buy directly there, I decided to treat myself with this little bangle with onyx and shell inlay. What do you think?

If you want to follow Kelly’s world on a daily base, have a look here.


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7 Responses

  1. Hi Gudy, how wonderful that you got to visit Kelly’s studio while in LA. She is such an inspiring and adventurous designer, I love her work. I could also imagine standing and staring at her moodboards also. Lovely post. Thanks Doris

  2. You are so lucky! Everything looks amazing. She has such a distinct and iconic style. That sputnik/crystal object… wow, just wow.

  3. Gudy!
    Por fiinnnn! Como me gusta esta entrada! MMMMmmmm!

    Que pasada! Alucinante. El espacio es brutal y ella, ya he investigado, una tía de las que dejan huella. Un trabajo exquisito, distinto, arriesgado, estudiado, con mucha caña, no se,…, eres una afortunada (pero es que te lo curras tía!)

    Este punto art-deco mezclado con los cristales punk de las cabezas turquesa, mmmm, son tan irresistibles! Y la pulsera oro+geometrías es tan bonita que espero vértela puesta pronto!

    Gracias por descubrirme bellezas!

    1. Hi Tina, thank you and I know the tour was really outstanding! Once back and with some time passed by, you realize even much more what you got to see.x

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