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Travel treasures, Moscow, Russia | Part II

I had promised a second part of my Moscow trip with a less pastel look after the first post. Strelka is an area that has become quite cool in recent times in the urban landscape with many creative work spaces, offices, galleries, restaurants and clubs. The look is much more industrial with brick buildings, loads of impressive external piping and hidden back yards (and doors I assume).


Strelka starts at the right side of the Moskva river and this café of the same name must be just perfect when the weather is right.


Moscow cool Strelka_3

Can you spot that atelier on top? Love this pic!

Moscow cool Strelka_14

Moscow cool Strelka_5

Coolest club ever with the perfect car in front, unfortunately the bodyguards were not ready to let me in at 6pm :-) and would not give me a card or name of the place. Communication has been a bit challenging on the streets.

Some shy colour pops and a cool chalk board menu on the outside. Not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Moscow cool Strelka_6

Wondering if the whole facade is meant to be an art work or just a remnant from previous times.

Moscow, Wt4

Finally I can credit a place! Everything is still written in Cyrillic in Moscow with a few exceptions. Wait to take the subway and you see what I mean… So, this is WT4, a pretty cool club, art gallery and restaurant where I had dinner one night.

I love a city with contrasts! You don’t get to see too much with a couple of days off which is a good thing. I probably have to go back! Soon.

So, which of the two parts of Moscow you think is worth a trip?

How about some extra inspiration?

6 Responses

  1. I liked both parts, but somehow on the second one I spoted some far similitudes of Moscow with Stockholm and China (where everything and everyone speaks a language that you don’t speak, nor write or read!!!).
    I really liked the second part as well, a different point of view from the usual Moscow.
    Thanks for sharing it Gudy!!!

    1. Dear Alba, in Stockholm at least you can read everything! Hope to see you back at your blog one day! If not, we’ll find a different way :-) x

  2. Difficult to decide which one would be my favourite – I really liked both perspectives and found them equally surprising. This one definitely looks very cool. That studio! I want to bring it here and move in. And I know what you mean when you say communication was a bit difficult on the street. It was what I felt like constantly when I lived in Montenegro – even though they’ve now at least replaced most cyrillic signs or at least added latin letters whenever it’s important. But english is not really a language that helps you a lot in eastern europe..

  3. Wow-fascinating to see how different my thoughts on Moscow are compared to the reality! I now have to scoot down and remind myself of part 1! You do lead an exciting visual merchandiser’s life Gudy! And thank you by the way for your mail. I’d love to send you some pictures! Cx

  4. Pues sabes que? que me inspiran los dos. Precísamente lo que me mola son los contrastes y esta ciudad esta llena de ellos!!!

    Moscú es tan especial que en cualquier momento vale la pena escaparse. Y lo del idioma es incómodo pero segun como es lo que la hace tan especial, tan inquietante, tan particularmente sexi!

    Un beso!

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