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Travel Treasures: Naples, Italy

Naples is my favorite place to be in Italy. It’s difficult to choose; I mean which part in Italy is not nice to pay a visit? I haven’t seen all just the larger cities and would love to go to the Amalfi Coast. Long time on my wish list now. But back to Bella Napoli: when visiting, I work in the Chiaia area where I spend most of the time. What you see below is the stunning Galleria Umberto, a shopping mall you shouldn’t miss (the shops are no big deal but the architecture is breathtaking). I don’t know how many pictures I have taken already, that glass dome never fails to surprise my again.

Naples trip Travel Treasures galeria umberto

It’s been a 4 days working trip but the strolls at the evenings, dinners and very early morning walks in the neighborhood made it a really nice stay. I got the habit two years ago of leaving the hotel early, having a coffee and going to see the area before my work day starts. I makes me feel like stealing a little bit of extra time and getting to see more of the place where the business trip has led me to. It’s the perfect formula.

Naples trip Travel Treasures Chiaia area

Naples trip Travel Treasures Chiaia

Strolling through the narrow alleys is one of my greatest pleasures early in the mornings and it allows me to do a quick research of the shops I want to visit if my schedule allows me to:-)

Naples trip Travel Treasures fish shop

Naples trip Travel Treasures marble shop2

Naples trip Travel Treasures marble shops.JPG

I love these marble artisan shops, they still work in there and seem to be quite busy. Where else do you find that in Europe nowadays?

Naples trip Travel Treasures port

This time we have discovered the area around the port being pedestrian now. We went there every night once we had dinner for the first time. The trattoria, “Zia” (Aunt) Teresa was created in 1916 (the pic above gives you the view from the terrace) and it was the name of the energetic woman who daily prepared tasty meals for the fishermen and workers of the place. It’s been lovely food, just make sure you order from the menu. If the owner recommends directly, you might have a slight surprise when receiving the bill.

Naples trip Travel Treasures puerto

Naples trip Travel Treasures sea

The sunsets were all equally beautiful and after a long working day a true gift. See those pink clouds over the Vesuvius volcano? Naples is just utterly romantic during summer.

Naples trip Travel Treasures Vesuvio

What fascinates me about the city is the authentic feeling you still have in so many parts of this huge town (second biggest in the country), it’s not too crowded with tourists, food is extremely nice, globalization is there but not that present as in other parts such as Milan, Rome or Florence. It’s a paradise for photographers in the search for a certain decadent look. I know, precisely that ‘decadent impression’ has nothing romantic for the locals yet it makes it so special for us foreigners. However, I always try to contribute within my very own little world as much as I can and will hopefully go many times still (already thinking of planning a trip in December).

What is your favorite place in Italy to visit and why?

How about some extra inspiration?

10 Responses

    1. Hi Emma, that is exactly the part that is still missing for me and I can’t wait!Hope to make it next year! xx

  1. Gosh, haven’t been for years. Your photos are gorgeous.

    I spent a lot of my childhood in Italy. Mostly in Tuscany but also Milan, Rome and Cortina D”Ampezzo for skiing. I feel it’s like my second home but don’t get there often enough these days.

    You make good points here and I’d love to go back.
    Glad you had a good time xx

    1. Hi Tina, spending your childhood in Italy sounds really nice, have never hear about Cortina D’Ampezzo. You should go back, there are probably a few changes by now which is interesting to observe too.xx

  2. Italy is so beautiful :) Last year we’ve done a road trip from Milan all the way down to Calabria with some stops on the way including Amalfi coast. It’s very impressive (especially views and the scary roads from one town to another – I mean MOLTO scary! ) But If I had to choose my favorite city it would be difficult for me. Each of them has something characteristic and special. Some of my favorite places would include: Rome, Sardegna, San Marino, Toscany, Garda lake, Amalfi coast, Tropea (Calabria)…ahh I actually love all Italy and can’t wait to move to Milan in few weeks :)

    1. Hi Aga, I thought you had moved already!So there is an exciting new life coming up. Milan is special and I just have learned to love the city during my last stay in April. Brera was my favorite area. I hope we can meet next April then when the Salone is taking place! xx

  3. Gudy, I felt like I was in Naples there. I think that’s such a great idea
    to get up early and go for a walk. It’s a good way of taking it all in.
    My favourite place is Florence (because of the scenery and the food we had)
    and to perhaps many people’s surprise my least favourite is Rome.
    Maybe I need to go back and give Rome another chance..Then again you’ve made me want to visit Naples! Great photos! Hege x

    1. I understand, I had a similar feeling with Venice. It was just so crowded with no local essence anymore. I had go visit the place for another 3 times to fall in love again. This one during the Biennale it was big time so:-) xx

  4. I’ve only been to Milan and the towns around the Como Lake. Florence, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Venice, Rome, those are all on my bucketlist. I wish I had more time to travel. Gorgeous photos Gudy!

  5. Wow such a lovely post Gudy. I have memories of a romance in Naples just as I was leaving for a boat to Corfu and he ended up flying to Santorini later to visit me (before I met G of course). My favourite place in Italy to date would be Cinque Terre but perhaps it’s changed since I was there in the late 90’s. It was so quaint and rich with passion at the same time. xx M

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