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Travel Treasures: One day in Bogotá, Colombia

I actually wanted to publish a bit more about my Brazil stay but since I couldn’t cope with the lack of  internet, server change and different time zone (and giving work shops during the day – not to forget:-), I have decided to go straight to write about my Colombia trip and will take then vacation and a blog break.

I have been traveling to Bogotá after my stay in São Paulo for another workshop and had one day off before heading home. So what do you do in just one day in a city with a 8 million population? My travel behavior has changed a lot in the past two years. I am not even trying to see  as much as I can but concentrate on really small things. Like going to a market,  a specific area where I am strolling for a few hours or I just linger in a café watching people.

After promising to be prudent, I finally hired a taxi driver that day and went first to La Candelaria, a historic neighborhood in downtown with still some Spanish colonial style.

Hello Bogotá

Bogota trip La Candelaria_2

Bogota trip La Candelaria_3

I have visited there the Botero Museum with painting and sculptures donated by Fernando Botero still in life, as well as works by artists including Monet and Picasso from his private collection. He is considered the living artist most recognized and quoted in Latin America. Botero depicts women, men, daily life,  and the natural world in general, with exaggerated and disproportionate volumetry, accompanied by fine details of criticism, irony, humor, and even ingenuity. You always recognize his work. Don’t you?

Bogota trip Botero El Baile

Bogota trip Botero La mano

Bogota trip Botero El Caballo

I so much wanted to visit an artisan market but they take place the weekends. Anyhow I managed to visit some galleries where the main craftwork of Colombia is gathered, truth be told they were very touristic places. But still, since artisan works are my passion, it’s been nice to learn about their handcrafts.

Bogota trip artisan work

The Vueltiao hats are made out of cane that grows in the region. I even could think of hanging them at the wall. Here goes another pic.

Bogota trip bangles

Same cane and loads of colorful bangles. Perfect for gift giving!

bags (1)

Those are Arhuaco backpacks made from pure new wool from the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria. The woven symbols are sacred to the artisan tribe and does represent their spirituality.

In the afternoon I moved on to Monserrate which offers superb views at a 3.152m height and is probably the main symbol of the capital due to its religious nature, and Sanctuary that is visited by thousands of people and pilgrims, since 1640 when it was founded. You can go up by cable railway or by funicular, and the experience is so much worth it.

Montserrate Bogota trip

I enjoyed my short stay, met really lovely people over here and who knows, I might be back next year…

How about some extra inspiration?

3 Responses

  1. Buen resumen!

    Los mercados son geniales, cuentan muchas cosas del país que visitas. Y la gente que trabaja con las manos me vuelve loca, aunque yo no tenga esta gracia…
    Como te dije me hubiese llevado un baul lleno de cositaasss!

    Y un poco de arte siempre va bien y ver de cerca grandes obras de arte es emocionante.

    Hemos tocado un poco de Colombia. Gracias!

    Feliz veranito!!!


  2. It’s lovely to see Colombia from your perspective, Gudy. I have a few Colombian friends and since forever I’ve heard and seen images of those Vueltiao hats, which are so pretty! And Botero’s work is so quirky ;) Thanks for taking us with you on your day trip!

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