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Travel Treasures: The Sky Over Nine Columns in Venice

On June 3, The Sky Over Nine Columns had been unveiled on the Island of San Georgio Maggiore. I was observing longingly from far this stunning installation on our way to the Architecture Biennale every morning on a vaporetto. The last day, we finally made it and choose the golden hour assuming these columns would have an even more beautiful reflection then.

Heinz Merck 1

German artist Heinz Mack explains that “the column represents man standing upright-with dignity-in space, forming a direct link between earth and sky. And the column is the earliest and most fundamental element in the history of architecture.”

Heinz Mack

The 24kt gold leaf glass golden mosaic covering the columns is made up of over 800.000 tesserae, an example of highly skilled local craftsmanship and…

Heinz Merck 3

… represents the historical cultural relations between Orient and Occident forged in Venice bringing to life the Byzantine gold mosaics of the past.

Heinz Merck 2

As a matter of fact, the city’s most prominent splendid golden mosaics can be found just across the water, in the Basilica of San Marco. It was the perfect ending of a wonderful trip which I truly enjoyed this year. Venice never had been so charming to me with gorgeous weather, not too many tourists having been there like 5-6 times already. Would definitely pick beginning June again for another visit. What do you think about the installation though?

How about some extra inspiration?

3 Responses

  1. I love Venice and it sounds you chose the perfect time.
    That installation looks amazing and bet it’s even more beautiful in real life.

    Gold Mosaic – lush!!
    Thank you for sharing and nice pic of you:-)

  2. Venice really is a magical place. I found myself there in the beginning of June and didn’t find it too touristy either. I haven’t heard of the Sky Over Nine Columns on this side of the world. Pretty amazing and could imagine that it would be quite spectacular ferrying past it. Mel xx

  3. I’ve never been in Venice , but the picture of this place looks amazing ! At the frist sight I was a bit confused ; those columns were for me too modern especialy with antique bacground ….
    But when i read your explanation of this monuments , I realised ‘ what the autor wanted to say , and now I pretty enjoy this piece of art . I think this place is a great example of a realisation that is modern , but at the same time it’s corresponding with the past .
    I hope I’ll visit this place soon ;)

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