Gudy Herder shares Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends on international trade shows, design events and online conferences.

Her keynotes illustrate socio-cultural references, underlying consumer behavior, and patterns that lead to new directions.

Years of Speaking+TRaining



Material Trends

Urbanization, Well-being, and Sustainability are three Macro Trends in constant evolution. 

In this talk, Gudy explains the future core messages of each pillar and how to translate these into an intriguing selection of new materials that will be available in the room to see and touch.

Potato stark, crushed stone, carpet waste, repurposed ocean plastics, reindeer moss, or pineapple leaves start playing a roll in residential and public spaces.

3 Lifestyle Trends 2023/24

How does our new Agile Life look like? How do designers and end consumers reposed to it?

How has our idea of Well-being shifted inside and outside our homes?

Why and how has Nature become a symbol?

Why trends matter

How to translate trend drivers into your business?

Which consumer needs have shifted, and how can you respond as a company?

We are looking into examples to find a common thread so any business can relate and take action. 




Leave no trace

The Next Space Conference

A hands-on introduction to material trends: how to make spaces tactile, inhabitable and future-proof.

Impulse Talk on Lifestyle Trends and Innovative Materials + materials boards to see and touch. More info.


What makes a purpose-driven brand today and why does it matter?

Open The Door Festival Prague

IKEA asked for an Impulse Talk to inspire the audience and shine a light on purpose-driven brands outside their everyday context.


3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

Imm Cologne

A classic stage for Gudy where she has been invited to for five years in a row speaking about upcoming movements in the Interior Design industry.


3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends + Trend Panels To Touch & See

Barcelona Design Week

How to translate the abstract into something more tangible and memorable? Tactile trend panels help to anchor the information when touch is involved.


3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

Living Innovation Congress Gruner & Jahr Hamburg

The German editorial power house invited Gudy to inspire and inform 80 customers and agencies during their in-house innovation days.


Why every business should know about upcoming Lifestyle Trends

Extraordinaria Fest Barcelona  

Superficial or essential? Do I need to be aware of upcoming trends in my industry, what are trends anyhow, and which are universal in 2023 and might change any business?

In this 45 min. session, Gudy explains the main drivers of consumer behaviour and how to apply these to different types of businesses.


 ExtraordinariaFest | Ph: Swingyourpics 



Cut through the jungle of information and understand core messages of a trend.

Get intellectually and commercially stimulated to take strategic decisions.


Get out of your daily routine, let yourself be taken to a different creative experience and enjoy!



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You can book a Trend Lecture in English, Spanish, or German.

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Gudy helped make our Best of Interior Blogs Award workshop a success for a distinguished group of interior influencers. She made us hang on her every word. The time was much too short for the depth of the zeitgeist she was laying out.

We all would have been happy to hear much more.




What is the best time to secure a speaking engagement?

Please plan to book 3 months in advance to secure your spot.

How long is a keynote?

Keynote presentations are 45 -60 minutes long.

Can Gudy appear at or participate in extra functions before or after the keynote? Can she stay for dinner, a reception, host a workshop, or take part in a Q&A, etc?

If you do have additional requests, be sure to communicate them early in the process to discuss its feasibility. We do our best to stay flexible.

What means 'Trendsperiences' ?

We offer a combination of trend lecture and hands-on experiences to anchor the learnings and see with your team how trends can be translated.

Additional workshops can be booked. These are quoted on a case by case basis.

Can the content be customized to suit my organization or event theme?

You are welcome to provide background information of your event, and we can discuss how to tailor a keynote, but please note that we specialize at Eclectic Trends on Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends only.

At what kind of events does Gudy speak?

You can book  a trend lecture for public events like trade shows and design events, in-house events such as company retreats, congresses, and showroom events.

We had Gudy as a guest speaker at the G+J Living Innovation Day – an event for advertising clients and media agencies working with magazines like Schöner Wohnen, Ideat, and our digital platforms.

The feedback we received was overwhelming.

The design and furniture business in Germany tends to be a bit conservative, so Gudy’s insights into the future of design was highly inspiring.

Bettina Billerbeck

Editor-in-chief IDEAT & Schöner Wohnen