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Trend & Moodboarding Workshop in Barcelona: 31.05.14

I have changed the formula of my workshops and are much happier with it. We concentrate now on 2 blocks I’ll describe below. It’s much more focused now on a professional level where my students get to work with their projects being it their own studio they want to set up, defining their visual image and how to position themselves or bringing into life a new service or blog. There are personal projects too wanting to revamp or change any room at home.

Moodboarding workshop Eclectic Trends Studio

After a trend session in the morning where I share my travels to different fairs and micro and macro trends I spot , we move on having a beautiful lunch which Elsa Yranzo prepares for us, all ecological and just very simple but so nicely presented. Being edible flowers one of the foodie trends right now, this salad just fits perfect!

Workshop lunchtime

The afternoon is all dedicated to getting creative, cutting out, gluing, washi taping and assembling all material you need for designing your very own project.

Moodboarding workshop Eclectic Trends Studio (2)

It is rewarding to see how ideas which were stuck in somebody’s mind somehow get to life now through images and textures on a tactile collage.

We have been structuring forehand with a little written exercise title, key words, color and textures, and it is precisely this kind of first analysis that sets up the work that come afterwards.

Mood boarding workshop 21.06 Eclectic Trends Studio 1 (1)

And I love to see how everyone shares their thoughts and gets interactive. There is nothing better than creative team work!

Moodboarding workshop Eclectic Trends Studio (1)

At the end of the day, all students present their work, the initial thoughts and how and why they have chosen certain images and materials. This is a workshop where we work on tactile moodboarding, though it is important to integrate textures here.

Moodboarding workshop Eclectic Trends Studio (1)

This is just one example of a finished mood board, if you wish you can  see all mood boards (and some more workshop images) at this board. Thank you today to Elsa, Bea, Cris, Elia, Olga and Clara – you have been a very inspiring bunch of creative ladies!

I have great news these upcoming days, please hop over to get the scoop on the next city where I give my next workshop together with a very lovely lady. Can’t wait to team up with her!

How about some extra inspiration?

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