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As the definition of well-being inside and outside our homes expands, designers and brands will have to work to earn trust and become partners for consumers rather than providers.

The quintessence of the new decade is empathy to grow a loyal relationship.

How do we want to live inside and outside our homes?

How Important Has Meaningful Design Become?

CEREMONY addresses challenges and solutions in a moment where our home acts as a healing temple providing ways to unwind, detox, and allow for rituals of inner reflection.

The special offer is expired now. But you can find the trend report at any time here.





You will learn: 

➪ the new definition of a holistic lifestyle

➪ that rituals will grow, evolve, and be a status symbol in this new decade

➪ if analog and digital self-care are compatible

➪ why and how we go back to ancient celebrations


➪ why the rising of self-care interiors is relevant

The Rise Of Rituals


reported performing a ritual helps to calm down.

*according to the study ‘Don’t stop believing’.


  • Key Visuals

  • Materials, Pattern, and Shape definitions

  • Trend drivers explained in Concept&Direction

  • A Thoughtful Pantone Color Palette

  • 10 Color Combination

  • Several color combinations to create your own stories

  • Consumer Expectations

  • How to Translate Design Features

  • A few Statistics to understand what drives a large
    percentage of end consumers today


1. Printable Worksheets.

We like to make our products as useful as possible. You will find worksheets to anchor the learnings, get a more memorable experience, and craft right away a briefing for your colleagues, providers, or  yourself.


2. Materials Guide

This Pdf shows ideas of what materials would be relevant within the CEREMONY universe.

You will find included all brands’ names so you can contact for direct requests on product details.


3. Behind The Scenes Interview 

We have talked to Luxury Escapism and share a virtual reality experience. Digital care is all around us; this interview will give you some insight into why we won’t escape technological self-care proposal.


4-8. NEW: How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times – The Video Series

Four videos where Gudy explains if there are new design trends on the horizon, how personalization is gaining a different relevance now and why, the meaning of the prefix SELF in our society after COVID-19, and much more. You get also a downloadable workbook to scan your business and see how to apply any of the directions mentioned. 


Ceremony-Trend Report-Eclectic Trends
Ceremony-Trend Report-Eclectic Trends
Ceremony-Trend Report-Eclectic Trends



CEREMONY is thought for everyone interested in knowing how our society shifts towards a more holistic lifestyle within and outside our homes.
Also, if you work within these industries: Interior Design, Wellness Industry, Health, Lighting, Sleep, Home Accessories, Furniture Design, Food, Beauty, Alternative Therapies, Food Industry, DIY professionals, Hotel, Technology, Brand & Communication Agencies, among others.


CEREMONY tackles issues of how to find balance showing inspiring projects and experiences. However, we do not aim to offer a self-help book or bullet-proof exercises for a more holistic life.

Bunde of CEREMONY (digital report) &
Plant Tribe (printed copy):

Ceremony-Trend-Report-Eclectic Trends

Digital Trend Report

pages packed with drivers, projects, data, and color palettes


Plant Tribe Book Giveaway | Eclectic Trends


The bestselling authors of Urban Jungle delve into the many ways that nurturing plants helps nurture the soul.

This new book addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants.

Aimed at a wider audience than typical houseplant books, each chapter combines easily digestible plant knowledge, style guidance via real home interiors, and inspiring advice for using plants to increase energy, creativity, and well-being and to attract love and prosperity.

Upon purchasing the bundle, we get in contact in the next 72h to ask for your shipping address which will then be forwarded to the editorial of the Plant Tribe book.


The special offer is expired now. But you can find the trend report at any time here.

*Special price (plus local tax) until July, 14, 10pm (GMT+1)

As business owners of an interior design studio, my business partner and I have always been conscious of the meaning behind the service we provide. Only recently, however, we've evolved our business to launch two new components - a to-the-trade showroom and a retail shop. We found ourselves needing to reach out to customers for these two new segments and thoughtfully market our business much more than we ever had in the past and we were feeling a bit unsure of the ideal way to do this in a manner than aligned with our core ethos and yet spoke to today's consumer in a way that was meaningful to them.
This is when we came upon Gudy's new trend report - CEREMONY - and couldn't wait to devour every page. Not only did the information resonate with us, personally, on a deep level but we found new ideas and thought-starters on how to position our showroom and shop to our ideal customers in a way that feels relevant, timely and aligned with who our brand already is.
CEREMONY is an in-depth resource that offers guidance and insight on a new and ever-evolving consumer mindset from relevant examples of what other brands are doing right, to color palettes that embrace this lifestyle, and so much more. We're grateful for the insight that CEREMONY has provided us with and now feel that we can confidently understand the needs of our future 'mindful design-oriented' consumers.Thank you!"



When do I have access to the digital Trend Book?
The digital report is available upon purchase and you decide when to start and finish your readings.

How long do I have access to the Trend Book?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this Trend Book for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Do we have a printed version?
Not for this Trend Book. But we would like to hear if you could be interested in a printed book for further editions at Thanks!

Do you offer workshops to translate the content and see how to integrate the information in product launches?
Yes! We know it is not always easy to take the next step and adapt the learnings into real products. Workshops can be given to design, marketing and product departments. Drop us a line!

Are you going to publish more Trend Books?
Yes, we do. You can expect to see several topics throughout the year. Each Trend Book covers a different theme.

Is there a reduced version of CEREMONY?
Yes, we’ve created a shorter report on this occasion.

Very insightful!


Access to 216 pages to learn how an end consumer demands a more holistic lifestyle and how you, as a brand or designer can act upon it.

Also, receive  on this occasion a free printed copy of the Plant Tribe book (we’ll get in contact in 72h to ask for your shipping address).



The special offer is expired now. But you can find the trend report at any time here.