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My Trend Report from Milan | Guest blogging at decor8

I am very happy to be guest posting at Holly Becker’s blog decor8 with my trends spotted at the Salone del Mobile this year. The post is about the 6 trends to go this year and I would love you to comment which is your favorite one! I will publish soon the video about the fair too, stay tuned :-)

Estoy muy contenta de poder estar en el blog decor8 de Holly Becker con mi informe de tendencias de la feria de Milan este año. Estoy comentando las 6 tendencias más punteras del momento y me encantaría saber cual os gusta más a vosotro/as. ¡Pronto también saldrá el video de la feria! Estamos en ello :-)

How about some extra inspiration?

7 Responses

  1. Hello Gudy,
    this is my first time writing a comment here and I am glad to do it, especially after reading the post @decor8.
    It was amazing how you could captured all these insights from the salone, which most of the times it makes you more confused of too much information and too much, too much (I don’t know if I was quite clear with the idea of confusions I get when going through design week in milan, but it is a true great-mess experience).
    And you were so able to evidence in small spots some of the interesting ideas that were emerging. I totally agree on all of them, and what I found immediately while visiting the fair was the huge use of marble (the 4th trend, which you evidenced as well).
    If I have to talk about my favorite trends you captured it was the use of pastels. Very interesting and so much USABLE.
    Thank you for sharing all the infos and looking forward for the video.

    1. Dear Alba, you are making my day. What a lovely comment! Thank you so much! I believe having visited already a couple of fairs this year made it easier since most of the trends were already kind of familiar to me. The real highlight, and I believe you’ll agree, was going to see the off salone proposals which are getting more and more interesting. I am seriously planning next year to cut down on time spending at the fair ground and visit much more the other design districts. I had no time no see Brera this year! And I missed the installation of Li Edelkoort. Did you have the chance to see it? There is never enough time I guess unless you spend the whole week there. xx

      1. Dear Gudy,
        it looks like we filled our days full of pastel colours not only by commenting but just putting a smile above our faces.
        The time is never enough in salone I do agree with you, but I had the chance to see the brera district while I do live near by and I breathed it every day for the whole week, instead I couldn’t see the installation of Li Edelkoort, unfortunately.
        But just please let this comment to be a hope for the next year to organise well and hope to meet all our MISSINGS (including each other).
        Thank you once again.

  2. Congratulations! I was so happily surprised to see your name on decor8! I didn’t comment yet – but will now!

  3. Hello Gudy, nice to see you as a guest posting at Decor8. I left a comment over there…..And my favorite trend is definitely pastel tones, – fresh, relaxing and modern! Thank you for sharing.

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