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How To Get An Overview Of The Vast Sea Of Information Within Sustainable Design?


Have you tried to get to conclusions when it comes to green design 

but couldn’t get all the pieces together?


We did the work for you and studied +1.000 projects disentangling messages 

and relevant information so you can get a structured report filtered into the

four chapters we consider you need to know.


If end consumers start asking for more desirable and attractive recycled design, 

how can you act upon it?



During our research, we have identified four chapters we believe to be crucial.


You will learn: 

➪ what is happening in labs, schools, and design studios

 ➪ to develop a confident speech and be able to defend your arguments within your corporate  

➪ to identify opportunities for new designs/collections. Why not contact some of the many designers
     and studios we are featuring?


➪ that color palettes do not have to be green and brown only when we consider ‘green’ design


➪ why we should not offer raw looking designs only, but move towards a few more ‘stylish’ options, too


➪ how to get to conclusions on how brands can act and empathize with a more demanding and well- 

    educated market

of consumer are trying to live more sustainable.

of consumers say companies and brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people.

"I have been following Gudy's work for years now, and while she provides a tone of amazing free content, the trend reports take the applicability to a whole new level. This trend book makes everything much more applicable, and the worksheets that follow along will help you internalize the concepts.

Once completed, they can be a creative direction to hand over to a designer or a starting point for your own porcess.


  • Key Visuals

  • Materials, Pattern, and Shape definitions

  • Trend drivers explained in Concept&Direction

  • A Thoughtful Pantone Color Palette

  • Several color combinations to create your own stories

  • Consumer Expectations

  • How to Translate Design Features

  • A few Statistics to understand what drives a large percentage of end consumers today


1. Printable Worksheets. We like to make our products as useful as possible. You will find worksheets to anchor the learnings, get a more memorable experience, and craft right away a briefing for your colleagues, providers, or  yourself.

2. Additional projects and inspiration on the blog that popped up after the editorial deadline. We figured that some would be relevant to the entire story. We will give you a protected password so you can access the content anytime.

3. NEW: Trend Lecture: 4 Pillars of Self-Care (video format).

"In a 'previous life', I was working with natural fibers to devise artefacts using technqiues of paper-making an such, to show the process of structuring, aging and evolving of matter, and the emotional effect the remnants of these processes can have on the viewer/observer.

The first thing that stood out for me in the REGENERATION trend book is the fact that it featured several inspisring products using algae or bacteria to generate structure or patterns, functions or atmosphere for the human environment. That touched something dear to me, which is the various ways we can subtly bring more nature to people. I can now see how this trend really helps anchor a different aethetic.

Furthermore, this trend book helped me shift to a more layered way of envisioning the 'biophillic' trend, from something exlusively related to ecological matters, to something that goes way beyond the mind in how deep it can affect us, and this is tactility. I found out how tactility allows for a higher, more encompassing and more qualitative aesthetic to the designed objects and environments. That aspect definitely allowed me to conceptually bridge my early experiments with fibers with what I can include now in more integrated designs.

I recommend the REGENERATION trend book to any designer who wants to understand how to reconcile various sensibilitires into one coherent and multilayered framework that would help drive their creative and innovative spirit in bolder directions.

Melanie Glöckler
Eclectic Trends| The colorful corn-husk based material by Fernando Laposse

"I had always understood when discussing trends, we would basically refer to aesthetic issues, and now I realize I couldn't be wronger. Gudy and the Eclectic Trends team show how trends originate from concerns, values, needs, and desires, and are intimately related to our society.
And REGENERATION is just another valuable resource.

Her trend reports made me reflect on our way of being in the world and opened the doors to understand what I can offer through my brand being in line with our current times."

Digital Trend Report

pages packed with drivers, projects, data, and color palettes

297€ (+local tax)



When do I have access to the digital Trend Book?
The digital report is available upon purchase and you decide when to start and finish your readings.

How long do I have access to the Trend Book?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this Trend Book for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Do we have a printed version?
Not for this Trend Book. But we would like to hear if you could be interested in a printed book for further editions at Thanks!

Do you offer workshops to translate the content and see how to integrate the information in product launches?
Yes! We know it is not always easy to take the next step and adapt the learnings into real products. Workshops can be given to design, marketing and product departments. Drop us a line!

Are you going to publish more Trend Books?
Yes, we do. You can expect to see several topics throughout the year. Each Trend Book covers a different theme. However, if you are interested in sustainability, REGENERATION is the only one.

Let us know if you are interested in future trend reports or trend lectures.