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The Maker Culture Trend Report for 2024/25 ©Eclectic Trends

Say hello to a comprehensive overview of the Maker Culture in 2024/25.

Get four specific insights on the new role of the maker and a chance to translate these into your business with our strategy workbook.

What’s the role of the maker in 2024/25? How to be connected to craftsmanship and aligned with future directions and innovation?

Any maker needs to be in tune with what the market looks for today. You know it’s crucial to have consumer insights and be aware of their needs and values that have changed. But how do you pursue change without losing your signature or essence?

In a slowing economy, uncertainty makes it hard for personal brands to navigate. Imagine honing your strategy by knowing what’s next in the Maker Culture. Brand trust, no matter how small or large the brand is, is hot currency – people crave honest answers and actions in a world where they’re not sure who to rely on. As a maker, you need a solid standing in answering consumer values.

Welcome to our Maker Culture 2024/25 report! A roadmap to unlock four strategies for your business; you decide which one to pick. It’s our most personal report so far, and unique on the market.

Any maker who feels curious about market directions will find ideas to translate. We share projects about art, sculpture, ceramics, social design, marquetry, textile craft, jewelry, fine art, weaving, waste and bio-based materials.

What’s included?

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 describes probably the best strategy you can opt for in your business right now if you’re feeling it. We talk about Neo-Craftivism.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 goes two ways and is thought for makers and brands. We do not talk about provider relationships but how to become partners. And that’s a difference.

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 dives into a deeply personal matter. It reflects a purpose and necessity of how to instil some slowness.

Chapter 4:

This chapter shows how sustainability and innovation could merge and become a natural process. And quite frankly, this is the future.

Bonus 1 & 2

The Strategy Maker Workbook. Read the next section, Bonus 1.

The Milan Insights  Bonus. Read the next section, Bonus 2.

Maker Strategy Workbook

If you thought that was it, you’re in for a surprise. Because when you sign up today, you’ll also get where we believe the real change comes for your business: You can download the Maker Strategy Workbook when you acquire the package.

Browsing and reading along is not enough. We do that every day, all day long on the internet. It does not anchor learnings and prompts change. Every time you think, that’s an interesting take, I should go for it, we want to help you with it, challenge you to write it down, think further, research and get into A C T I O N.

The Maker Mindset Workbook includes the following:

  1. Consumer Insights (facts and numbers)
  2. Exercises for each insight to adapt to your business
  3. Examples of how other makers and brands operate
  4. Specific questions to gain consumer insights from your clients

Milan insights

We tracked down the artists and artisans during Milan Design Week to see our content validated and came back with a few more amazing projects we’d like to share with you. You can download the Milan Insights Bonus when you acquire the package.

Bridging the frontier between traditional artisanship and innovation, that’s what the projects included in this extra report are about.

The Milan Insights Bonus  Mindset  includes the following:

  1. Outstanding projects exhibited at Milan Design Week 2023 by ladypreneurs with a true purpose.
  2. Four key takeaways from our perspective

The process

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In a nutshell, what’s included?

1. The digital Trend Report

  • 112 pages
  • 11 success stories
  • 3 exclusive interviews from the makers
  • 4 key takeaways for makers
  • 4 key takeaways for brands
  • a color palette with CMYK, RGB, and Pantone codes
  • Numbers (statistics)
  • Additional prime examples of acknowledged makers

2. The Workbook

  • 20 pages focussing on consumer behaviour
  • Many exercises to reflect on and activate your strategy

3. The Milan Insights Bonus

  • Outstanding projects spotted at the Milan Design Week 2023
  • Four key takeaways

“I’ve been following Gudy Herder’s work as a trendsetter for many years now; needless to say, her skills for spotting talent and beauty are astounding.

Pursuing a career as an artist and maker can be challenging. The path as a maker is a solitary one; the isolation of one’s studio can more than often make you lose perspective of the bigger picture.

The Maker Culture report is an extensive research that maps out the profound shifts that are taking place in craftsmanship, a go-to handbook for makers that will help them stay in tune with the market as well as societal changes and expectations.

As a maker, I find especially interesting the strategic approach that Gudy offers in her report; if you are a maker willing to expand your career approach or learn new ways of engaging with brands, this is definitely for you!”

Sophie Aguilera
artist and sculptor

Ready to learn about new impulses that the market demands with a 2024/25 perspective?



Before VAT

The Maker Mindset Workbook
Milan Insights

The right fit.

If you’re looking for a report to get inspired only, this simply isn’t for you. We believe in bringing value and A C T I O N. There are many inspirational projects because this is what we do :) but this shouldn’t be your main reason. This package is for makers and personal brands who aim to grow, feel it’s a good moment to reflect, and want to understand how other makers, creatives, and small studios are successful.


It is not thought for anybody who looks for a quick fix and does not want to dive into makers’ projects. We take pride in having taken much time to write about the story behind a collection or project and ask the right questions in our exclusive interviews. 

This report is done in a slow and conscious way, hoping you take that exact amount of time when browsing through it and working with the exercises.

The Maker Culture report is for you if you feel stuck and need a broad vision of what is happening in the industry. It helps you to rediscover the interdisciplinary crossroads between art, crafts, design, innovation, technology and sustainability through 11 success stories.

The package will help you

  • See in one document the bigger directions within the Maker Culture (we did the research for months for you)
  • Understand how to speak to your consumer whose needs have changed
  • Create that new experience on your website, rewrite your texts, focus on specific numbers and share these, communicate better your assets
  • Give you the confidence to argue and plan a new or improved business strategy, which is aligned with your values


If you need further support, please get in touch with us at

Any maker who feels curious about market directions will find ideas to translate. We share projects about art, sculpture, ceramics, social design, marquetry, textile craft, jewelry, fine art, weaving, waste material, bio-based materials.

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Yes, you are able to download the trend package including the workbook.

“What an amazing work!

Thank you so much for being part of this beautiful and meaningful collection of stories. Indeed, it looks great. Warm, loving and personal.

I am reading all the stories, what a joy.”

Iris de Kievith
co-founder LabAir
This package aims to inspire, provide readers with tools and success stories, and invites to reflect on innovation and changes in arts&crafts.


before VAT

When purchasing our Maker Report and six months after the release date, a 10% of the benefits goes to animal organizations that give rescue and shelter. We have been contributing with former reports to dog and bear rescue in the Ukraine and Thailand and would love to continue supporting Happy Paw in the Ukraine.

PD: Meet Max, an adopted Irish Setter. He is four years old and an intrepid explorer:) 

Update July 2023: 5% of each report sold (not based on benefit) now goes to Ukrainian shelters as the situation there gets more complicated for abandoned animals.