Digital Trend Reports

Our digital Trend Reports describe societal structural changes that impact a wide array of creative fields.

These reports aim to help you understand relevant trend messages in a moment of overwhelming information and give you a clear idea of which direction to take.

Each report covers the point of origin of the trend, explains THE WHY, and we break down all key concepts for you.

We share many fascinating creative projects, colors, and materials proposals, how brands can act to empathize with a more demanding and well-educated market.

Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21

Trend Reports Eclectic Trends

Learn what meaningful design is all about and why it matters today more than ever.

CEREMONY 2020/21 covers insights of the new overall well-being, becoming the center of attention inside and outside our homes.

Complete Version

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

The full version includes

  • 216 pages

  • three bonuses

Thought for anybody interested in an in-depth study intending to translate the insights into future products and services with more colorspecific information and materials proposals.

Downsized Version

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

The shorter version includes

  • 138 pages

  • one bonus

Thought for any creative, marketer, and curious mind who wants to be updated and understand what a mindful-driven market is asking for in the next two years to come.


The Green Trend Report REGENERATION is out by Eclectic Trends

It’s hard to keep up when everybody talks sustainable design. REGENERATION 2019/21 helps you to get an overview of four essential manifestations in the green and circular economy design scene. You’ll be able to defend your arguments within your corporate structures, find ideas for your own business and craft a green communication strategy.