How To Navigate Lifestyle Trends In A Moment Of Overwhelming Information?

What’s the story behind a trend?
What cultural, social, financial, technological, or other factors explain it?

Our digital Trend Reports describe societal structural changes that impact a wide array of creative fields, help you understand relevant trend messages, and give a clear idea of which direction to take.

Each report covers the point of origin of the trend, explains The Why, data and indicators whether behaviors have increased, decreased, and what evolution to expect. 

How do we want to live tomorrow?


How is our lifestyle changing within our homes?

 You can expect to learn in our reports about 


➪ (disruptive) creative projects to give you ideas and inspiration within the interior design & lifestyle  


➪ keywords to anchor information

➪ statistics to trackback

➪ color combinations that unlock emotions

➪ material proposals to be in line with today’s demands

➪ and conclusions on how brands can act and empathize with a more demanding and well-educated market.


Digital Trend Report

pages packed with drivers, projects, data, and color palettes
Trend Reports Eclectic Trends

You want to live a more meaningful life, and so does your client.

But what does this mean translated into products and services?


➪ How important have rituals become? 

➪ What does a more holistic way of living mean?

➪ Is analog and digital care compatible?


CEREMONY covers 216 pages of insights into the new overall well-being, becoming the center of attention inside and outside our homes.


Price complete version (216 pages): 337€ + VAT

Price reduced version (138pages):     167€ + VAT  


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For most brands, the future of relevance and differentiation from the "sea of sameness"
requires a curiosity and passion for unlocking the habits, desires and new behaviors
emerging in our fast changing society.
To differentiate, I’ve always believed that the trends and societal patterns that shape
the future of how we live don’t start from the middle of society (where most brands
comfortably play).
The patterns and behaviors emerging from the edges are where the insights for market
differentiation truly emerge.
Gudy and the team at Eclectic trends are tremendous guides at the leading edges of design
and lifestyle trends. They are true partners in your discovery process.

Michael Seum - VP of Design, Grohe

Digital Trend Report

pages packed with drivers, projects, data, and color palettes

Where can you even start when we talk about sustainable or greener design? How to get to any conclusion in a vast sea of ideas, projects, and information?


We did the work and gathered among +1.000 projects four essential manifestations in the trend report REGENERATION so you can get an overview of what is happening in the green design scene.



You’ll be able to defend your arguments within your corporate structures, find ideas for your own business, and craft a greener communication strategy.


Price: 297€ + VAT

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Let us know if you are interested in future trend reports or trend lectures.

CEREMONY – Complete Version

CEREMONY – Reduced Version