How to navigate Lifestyle Trends in a moment of overwhelming information?

What cultural, social, financial, technological, or other factors are the drivers behind the trends we cover?

Our digital Trend Reports describe societal structural changes that impact a wide array of creative fields with a focus on interior design & lifestyle, help you understand relevant trend messages, and give a clear idea of which direction to take

Each report covers the point of origin of the trend, explains The Why, data and indicators whether behaviors have increased, decreased, and what evolution to expect.


Our society at large lives in a moment of RESET, which can be described as an act or instance of setting, adjusting, or fixing something in a new or different way.


We RE-

align with our needs, values, and what it means to be well,

calibrate our relation with nature, resource management, and sustainability,

configure the way we want to live inside and outside our home.


Three digital Trend Reports describe the new era of RE- and correspond to the Macro Trends of Health&Wellbeing, Nature&Sustainability, and Urbanization, all seen from a perspective of how we want to live inside and outside our homes.



The New Care Economy

The meaning of care expanded in 2020 inside and outside our homes. We have become self-taught experts in wellbeing and self-care thanks to newfound daily routines.


Coming from what feels like a long era of uncertainty, we aim to create as much comfort as we possibly can around us. That comfort inside our homes is a feeling we do not want to compromise when interacting with a physical outer world.

This digital report tackles questions such as

  1. How did we become a more value-focused society, and what does it mean to be well?
  2. What does ‘care’ mean for a COVID-19 end consumer from a more holistic perspective?
  3. Home has become a verb. How can brands transform the emerging concept?

Coming soon.




“Because our current pathway is unsustainable, humans and nature alike need a new deal – a new way to coexist and thrive.”
– United Nation Environment


The need to connect with and be surrounded by nature after a long time of semi-liberty is represented by design aesthetics that express raw and unpolished concepts.


The pandemic has forced us to stop giving slowbalisation a chance to be truth rather than a myth. We returned to local businesses and local communities to support and lift us up.


We are back to farming from home, our balcony or share plots with neighbors, our connection and consciousness rises activism on a domestic level.


This digital report tackles questions such as

  1.  How does respecting nature affect design decisions?
  2. How do designers work with the pressing issue of waste management?
  3. What is the Fifth Facade?

Coming soon.




“We can no longer design cities and buildings as if nothing has happened.”
– Vicente Guallart


A new type of domesticity is emerging, defined by a shift towards hedonistic collective housing.

Communal spaces, shared resources and designs that adapt to ever-changing lifestyles are the Future Of The Home.

Traditional divisions are blurring, privacy however, is back in style. 

The hybrid lifestyle of home/work needs to be reconfigured, WFH will stay, but how can we integrate it and feel good about it?

This digital report tackles questions such as

  1. Has the pandemic made us more self-sufficient? If so, how can brands react?
  2. Why is comfort the magic word for the years to come?
  3. Which are the three spaces that need to redesigned at any work office?

Coming soon.

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Statistics to proof data and provide reliable arguments in your presentations.


Color combinations that help to create collections.


Material developments that inspire and educate.


Conclusions on how brands can act and empathize with a demanding and well-educated market.

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