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Trending: Colour coded photography

Instagram in itself is THE trend of all social media platforms. I hear bloggers saying, ‘I spend a LOT of time on IG now’. I did too at the beginning I have to admit, still do but a little less. Sometimes I just scroll through my friends galleries at the end of the day having a look of what they have been up to, other days I check from time to time and follow all accounts. Do you spend a lot of time on IG?

If so, you might have seen already some nice examples of some Instagrammers creating colour coded photography – a real feast for the eye when food, pants or flowers are artfully arranged by colour. We talk colour coded wether objects are arranged by colour or there is a colour code applied next to it. There are basically two photographers with quite a media impact on the net now.

colour coded photography Emily_Blincoe_1

colour coded photography Emily_Blincoe_2

colour coded photography Emily_Blincoe_3

colour coded photography Emily_Blincoe_4

Emily Blincoe Photography

Emily Blincoe‘s work includes collections of eggs or tomatoes in different shades, along with an interesting focus on candy in her Sugar Series in monochromatic shades. She sometimes steps into the frame, giving a little glimpse of herself surrounded by her delicate compositions. You can follow Emily on Instagram here.

colour coded photography ISABELLA VACCHIS 2 colour coded photography ISABELLA VACCHIS 3

colour coded photography  ISABELLA VACCHIS 1

colour coded photography ISABELLA VACCHIS 4

Isabella Vacchi Photography

And then there is Isabella Vacchi‘s work. The 23-year-old photographer French born and based in Milan plays with colour codes along the images or graphic compositions. She started at age 14 taking pictures with a reflex camera and has never stopped since then. She has an interesting more dramatic monochrome series as well in white, charcoal, brown and black too, you can see here.

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4 Responses

  1. Gorgeous Gudy! In the last few months I spent more time on IG than on blogs (including mine), but there is such a creative world out there and I can hardly find it on blogs anymore. Your selection is beautiful, I’ll go and check the accounts and I already know they have at least one new follower ;-) Have a lovely day xx

  2. You are right since it is own content and not copied and pasted one. I guess it’s the new micro-blogging. Let’s see where the blogging world leads us too in the next two year. xx

  3. I never thought about it but it’s so true! IG is like micro-blogging. I find it so hard to keep up though. The app is addicting and there’s a never-ending stream of content.

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