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Trending: Into The Wild

I have been writing this post for decor8 last week and wanted to share it with you here too since it a topic I am more and more drawn too. I’d like to take you today to a journey of observing colours, textures and keywords that describe today’s trend.

1. into the wild-ashley herrin photography

Ashley Herrin Photography

Into The Wild is not tangible, it’s not about a piece of furniture or an object you can buy. It embraces a feeling, a way of living, a call back to nature. I’d like to take you on a journey of observing colour, texture and keywords that describe what Into The Wild means to me.

2. into the wild-collage

Chris Maynard | Aaron Feaver photography 

The macro Green Trend compasses so many aspects and different micro trends and some of them you’ll find here.

Into the Wild describes an urge for taking a break from every day life, it’s about hanging a hammock somewhere in nature, pause and contemplate. It is a visual response to our need of exploring again our inner nature and travel getting lost with no wifi and Instagram available, no GPS who marks our route and plans.

3. into-the-wild-keywords

Dullbluelight Inaminorchord | Mokkasin

There is romanticism and a strong bohemian feeling underlined by the aesthetics of feathers, flower crowns, French braids, forage materials, tribal patterns and blurry look. Photos are taken often during the golden hour searching for a softer look.

4. into the wild-collage

 Kevin Russ Mobile Photography |  Taylor Dorrell 

Colours are warm and rich, greens, curry, oxide and sunflower yellow, combined with pastel hues such as pale pink and peach. Chocolate brown and black are added to give the right contrast and focus of the ‘wild aspect’ here.

5. into the wild colours

Andie Speciality Sweets | Elizabeth Weinberg

6. into the wild

 The grower’s daughter  | Parker Fitzgerald Photography

One of the micro trends included is the caravan revival. They are made for camping and getting lost, used as food trucks (you’ll find them on all cool street events now!) or traveling selling lovely pieces. See and follow stylist Kara Rosenlund’s journeys, that’s so inspiring!

7. into the wild-kara rosenlund

Kara Rosenlund

When it comes to define materials, they are all very related to nature but do have a lived aspect, imperfect and weathered.

8. into the wild materials

 Pamela Schmieder

As for interior design, let’s talk swinging hammocks, hanging wicker chairs and peacock armchairs, all combined if possible with huge lush indoor plants.

9. into the wild furniture

Siren Laudal Photography / Styling Kråkvik & D’Orazio  | Anthropologie | Anthropologie

I hope you liked the different approach today. Let me hear your thoughts and what your into the wild experience lately has been.

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9 Responses

  1. I love it Gudy! So beautiful and calming, the way I like to approach life too. Sometimes I think everyone is sucked up into this technology age and we forget to appreciate the beauty of nature and being quite and still sometimes…..

  2. Great boards and research Gudy! I love nothing more than exploring texture, colour, nature-living and past it’s best as we say!!! Excellent micro trend post as always. Have a wonderful weekend! Cxx

  3. Gudy as always you have impressed me with your observation and I love your unique approach and point of view. I like nature and wildness, hence everything that reminds me of it… all the pictures above evoked this special ‘into the wild feeling’ and all I want right now is to enjoy it. Too bad I’m just leaving for the wedding :D haha
    Have a great day! x

  4. Such a powerful concept. I love the way you told the story and translated it into all these little details. You are so awesome at what you do!

    1. Isn’t it? It’s a story dear to my heart and I am just about to run into the wild, too:-) Thank you for the lovely comment, Deepa!x

  5. What a beautiful post, Gudy! Love it!
    We’ve found a nice walk in the woods here and I have to say
    it’s great getting away from screeens. Nature has so much to offer! hx

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