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Unlocking the Mood Board Boxes: Discover our latest adventure.

Touchable Tones-Mood Board Box-©Eclectic Trends

The day has come, and this is one of the launches I am most excited about. It’s been so much fun working on these Mood Board Boxes, and I discovered that I love curating collections.

Over the past years, your materials requests and feedback have played a pivotal role in shaping our journey. It got me thinking:

What if we could offer you an ever-growing materials library that’s easily accessible and regularly updated?

Your Feedback

  • “I don’t have time to search for materials online or attend materials shows.”
  • “I tend to work with my usual color & materials library unless I have a specific project that requires other supplies. I do not research anything new if it’s not strictly necessary.”
  • “Sticking with a reliable provider is comfortable. Why change?”
  • “We need to create more sensory experiences for our clients and teams. Haptic dialogues are essential.”
  • I know working with color is key in any creative project. I haven’r renewed my color swatches in ages.


Is This You?

Our Materials Boxes have been thoughtfully curated to cater to your creative needs, whether you’re an artist, DIY enthusiast, interior designer, architect, product manager, or simply someone who loves experimenting with materials.

What’s Inside?

These boxes contain a hand-picked selection of materials, available in two sizes. We will launch these two boxes first and follow with no.3 + 4 in the upcoming weeks.



Dive into a 25-color palette in our first drop with Touchable Tones!


Touchable Tones-Mood Board Box-©Eclectic Trends



Get ready for a box filled with comforting textures like wool, linen, and velvet with Neutral Fab Fibers.

Launching our materials boxes: Fab Fibers



 Explore a versatile fabric box inspired by fauna and flora through our Nature-Inspired Kit.


 Discover a kit of hard-to-source materials like wood, stone, and metals for your projects. This is Haptic Wonderland.


Why Materials Boxes?

Your workspace stays clutter-free, with all your materials neatly organized in one box. It makes finding samples a breeze, and you can even take them along to client meetings. Having these top-notch materials at your fingertips can help your clients make informed decisions. You will find all provider information on each sample.

Ready to embark on a tactile journey?

It will be playful, comforting, and colorful. You can access HERE.

How about some extra inspiration?

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