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Vanessa Bruno’s home and the Le Cabas

vanessa bruno cabas bag


This is my Le Cabas tote from Vanessa Bruno bought in Paris when visiting last time in March. In fact, I did buy two bags. 

I am not a fan of sequins. Not at all. But I do have a crush on really thick linen and I need light bags. A beautiful but heavy handbag is no option when you travel a lot since all technical equipment goes already in there. I knew Vanessa Bruno’s bags for quite a while but never thought of buying any (too shiny!). But when spotting this one, I kind of fell in love with the color and material and thought about taking off the blue/greyish sequins once home and substitute them by leather straps. But as you can see I have been too lazy so far and here we are. It has been one of the best bag buys ever! Super practical, goes with everything, not delicate, very light! I might give it a new look in Fall.

Vanessa Bruno living| Eclectic Trends

Vanessa Bruno corner | Eclectic Trends

Vanessa Bruno sofa| Eclectic Trends

Vanessa Bruno living and dining| Eclectic Trends

Vanessa Bruno dining| Eclectic Trends

So, that’s the bag and this is Vanessa Bruno’s home in Paris. You might have seen the sofa picture already on Pinterest a while ago but I thought the other pictures of this series would be equally nice. They are photographed by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer specialized within interior and lifestyle photographing and who has published four books so far. The mood and captured light might mislead to the perception that this apartment is located in any Scandinavian country but the thing is Vanessa Bruno is Italian and lives in Paris. For more pictures of her place, please have a look here.

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Me encanta el bolso! Es preciosooooo! Y no le sustituyas las lentejuelas, le dan un aire veraniego muy oportuno. Unos destellos de luz bestiales!
    Muy buena compra!!!!

    A, y a mi tambien me chiflan las Beni Ouarain. De hecho quiero una para mi nueva casa. ¿Sabes donde puedo encontrarlas por aqui, por Bcn?

    Un beso!


    1. Hola guapa, la verdad no sé donde conseguirlas en casa pero te puedo dar la web de mi fabricante favorito y tu te miras si distribuye en Barcelona? O les envías un mail? Es: y en colecciones, mírate el apartado de le Marroc Blanc.
      Esta gente parece que también distribuye en España
      Espero te sirva! Un beso.

      1. Muchas gracias por la info!!!

        Tengo localizadas varias webs y no sabía por cual decidirme, de cual tenía que fiarme! Ahora me meto en sus webs! genial!

        Un beso!

  2. I’m not a big fan of sequins either but the bag is something that I would buy, it’s really nice. Now about her home, it’s lovely. I especially love her exposed ceiling beams and lavender rug. xD

  3. Thank you for sharing this – Vanessa Bruno’s house is STUNNING! I see these bags everywhere in Paris, but the one you chose has to be the nicest so far, beautiful! L xx

    1. There is this shop in shop at Galeries Lafayette of Vanessa Bruno. She is having amazing colours this season! Is it really becoming popular in Paris? You hardly see them in Barcelona…

  4. I think the bag is sweet, bringing a little special to the casual! As for her apartment, it’s just lovely… Like you said, I saw her living on pinterest but the rest is equally gorgeous. Must do some more pinning! M x

    1. Hi Mel, I am not pinning a lot lately either, it used to be a real crush at the beginning, I still love it but spend now a fair amount of time per week there. Still, it is an amazing platform.

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