The unique Giancarlo Valle x Viso capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | Viso x Giancarlo Valle capsule furniture collection

This is why we’d like to share Giancarlo Valle x Viso’s recent collaboration:

1// In a nutshell:

NY-based Studio Giancarlo Valle has joined with Viso Project to create a very appealing furniture capsule collection presented at Sight Unseen OFFSITE earlier this year in New York.

Valle’s Smile Seats and divider screens have been upholstered with Viso jacquard-loom fabric to create unique pieces  that say a lot about the similar vision these two studios share.

2// What draw our attention the most: 

The Giancarlo Valle x Viso collection brings together the playful abstract pattern designed by Viso with Giancarlo Valle recent projects, based on the distinctive multi-disciplinary vision and approach of this studio. The exclusive geometric pattern was designed exclusively for this collaboration and it is a perfect match for the Valle’s signature armchairs and room screen. Also, the warm earth tones matched here with shades of muted green and yellows grant a modernist-yet-tribal feeling to the Giancarlo Valle x Viso collection.

Valle, who professional start was not of furniture designer but architecture, started initially in interiors, before exploring further searching for more fulfilling projects. His great interest in objects manifested in the collecting of furniture, one of which, the Ethiopian throne located at the designer’s home, was actually the inspiration for the Seam chair.

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection

Eclectic Trends | The unique VisoxGiancarlo Valle capsule collection


Both studios share also the central role of craftsmanship that allows every single item to be carefully developed, as demonstrated by the upholstery fabric used in this project. Woven into jacquard looms in Germany, it was hand finished by artisan in the United States, a craftsmanship part of a family heritage dating back to the first weavers in the American Colonies carried through generations keeping the European wall tapestry style in place.

This collaboration underlines also the similarity of Viso’s and Valle’s vision on the job, according to which the worlds of art and design give life together to beautiful outcomes, may these, be objects, textiles or spaces.

3// The bigger picture

Playfulness has been a prominent driver in trends recently and it doesn’t look like its central role in design – or our lives- is going to diminish anytime soon. Its interpretation can actually vary but we are always intrigued when it is paired with craftsmanship, like here or in the work of Julen Ussia, whose research lab has got the aim of proposing new hypotheses and possibilities in furniture.

How about some extra inspiration?

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