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Visual inspiration

Lately, I am not reading that much on the internet but I am very visual driven. I visit specific content and do not procrastinate anymore. Well, sometimes but that’s really rare now. I spend more time offline I used to, and I get to know a lot of new interesting people. Skype has become almost a daily tool. It seems there is a slight shift after a frenetic online presence for the past two years. Which feels good.

It has nothing to do with 2015 resolutions but just grows like this. I am part of a small ladies circle where we support and inspire each other on a monthly base, and that happens off-line. And I am joining a local networking platform for business women which just started inscriptions yesterday with a limited capacity of 30 ladies. You should have a look at Extraordinaria. Knowing the founder, Gemma Fillol I just know it’s going to be an amazing experience! So, that’s my thing this year.

Rei* Photography

Coming back to visual inspirations, today I’d like to introduce you to a very lovely Flickr feed.

You have to know Japan is on my wish list. And it’s THE destination I am dreaming of. I know the day I am going, I will attend a ceramics course, fall in love and getting immersed in the old Japan, which probably will fascinate me most. You know… when you want something so bad you just stumble over related information all the time. Like this photography feed.

Rei* Photography

Rei* Photography


Rei* Photography

Rei* Photography

There is not much I can tell you about Rei* except that she is based in Osaka, Japon and works with a Hasselblad. To me, her images are all about story telling. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Yes-love, love Rei’s work Gudy-what a talent and so inspiring. I have to say, I feel exactly the same as you. I have really started to concentrate on a much smaller area of creativity. The Extraordinaria looks just wonderful (although my extremely basic spanish is very limiting!) I have been hoping to find something like that for so long in a community over here. How wonderful to be part of it-thanks for the introduction Gudy! xx

    1. Hi Caroline, you could start on a small scale yourself and get together a circle of 4 ladies together once a month. It is very uplifting, I promise! If you like the experience grow from there.
      Gemma had previous experiences before setting up this network. The idea is of coming together 6 times a year during 3-4 hours with excellent speakers and programmed content besides all other activities we will have and do.
      You pay an anual fee and all events are recorded so you can later still access to the material.
      But the small lunch option once a month is really fantastic too. I get tons of information and leave super motivated every time. x

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