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Vive la Différence – a styling essay

You might know by now how much I love a styling challenge. When lovely Tina from Colour Living asked my to participate in her Vive la Différence series, I couldn’t help but thinking moody again.

Simple life_ still life | Gudy Herder

She gives you a list of different themes where you can choose the one you relate most to with different objects to include. The interpretation is up to you, and Tina is presenting her take too. So, meanwhile I am preparing this post having sent her my image and outcome already , I am wondering what she comes up with.

Please hop over to her blog to find out and see her interpretation on The Simple Life.


How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Gudy, I LOVE your image. It’s simple, moody and very stylish and you totally inspired me!

    Thank you for taking part in my Vive la Différence series… it’s a pleasure to have you on Colourliving x

  2. I really love this series (which I discovered via Lena/Minamokablog ;-) and I so much love your moody picture … i’ll check right now on Tina’s blog. have a lovely day Gudy

  3. Love that picture and will have to hop over and check out what the theme was. The VLD series is such an amazing idea and I was really happy to take part last year. Have a lovely evening. Thanks for commenting on my baked camembert post, I’m glad you liked it :-)

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