Water plant photography with Lisa Sorgini

I can’t remember where and how I found these images some days ago but I know I was immediately fascinated by the visual story around the plants immersed in a water bubble bath.

Flotsam//waterplants is a series by Sydney based photographer Lisa Sorgini that captures the natural beauty and movement of flowers and plants when exposed to the elements of moving water, focusing on their structure, texture and form.

Flower photography-Flotsam-Eclectic Trends

“Constantly drawn back to using plants and flowers in my work, I wanted to strip back and simplify from my previous work and let the flowers speak for themselves, as though I am taking their portraits. The added element of water was initially a way to highlight the natural forms, colors and textures.”

Flower photography-Flotsam-Eclectic Trends

Flower photography-Flotsam-Eclectic Trends

Flower photography-Flotsam-Eclectic Trends

Flower photography-Flotsam-Eclectic Trends

For those who are interested, this series will be available to purchase online and comes available in fours sizes. Difficult to choose, right? G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

4 Responses

  1. I love all these pictures and the artist behind as well. I didn’t know about her until today, but I love the shape and perception that the image has. It looks like a hybrid between photography, watercolours, still life, and 3d all mixed and active on the same time.

    The author is so inspiring and your blog is always worth visiting.


      1. Hi Gudy,

        Yes I totally agree with you, it’s done really well and I could already imagined them framed in a kitchen or studio.

        Thank you to you Gudy.


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