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The Big News: We are back to publishing Trend Books!

7 clues What exactly is a Trend Book | Eclectic Trends

7 clues What exactly is a Trend Book | Eclectic Trends

After much planning and researching, I am very happy to announce, we are back to publishing Trend Books and hopefully, give you the opportunity too, to access to what we believe is worth to share and know.

And this time, we do it the BIG way.

But let me explain step by step.


What we are not doing anymore


I have decided not to publish bi-annual reports on Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter anymore. Though there are specific color palettes for each season, I felt that the area we are specializing in – Interior Design & Lifestyle – does not need that of a fast rotation.

Also, we like to talk more about Ways of Living now, examine the potential of social shifts, and see the translation in our homes. These themes definitely have a longer lifespan. 

As a result, our Trend Book will have a longer shelf life. 

Which fits a 100% to how I want to live and the consciousness I have gained throughout the past 24 month when it comes to a more sustainable consumption. If I create a category ‘The stuff that matters’ on the blog, I understand, it’s not about ‘preaching’ only, but actually act and live by the example, right?




Now, what exactly is a Trend Book?


A Trend Book, at least that’s the way we understand it, covers a trend theme in its full complexity.

In order to bring together a nice sum-up of projects, we research during 6-10 month on a topic, look into more than 1.000 projects for every single Trend Book, and contact many authors to discover more about their work.

1// Our Trend Books talks about THE WHY.

We often see that trends are taken out of context, reduced to color and material palettes only, when a well-researched trend should always start with The Point Of Origen. What signals are on the market, which are relevant, how can we connect these and what is the outcome to expect.

2// A trend can’t be qualified as a proper trend if it is not seen in several areas

We describe different areas where we the trend is relevant from food to interior design, architecture, textiles, fashion, art, technology and all other creative disciplines we found interesting examples to share.

3// The facts

A Trend Book shares quotes, statistics and food for thought from industry leaders and designers.

4// Visuals vs. text

Key images are essential and support and embody a trend, but descriptive texts are as important as the visual part.

5// Consumer expectations

We also include a few insights on consumer expectations the should give you an idea on how brands can act.

6// Get into action

And finally, our Trend Book encourages to work actively with these observations, movements and FACTS and be ahead of the game through our worksheets.


7// And no, we didn’t forget color and materials examples:)




So much more to come


Coming back to the ‘BIG way’ I mentioned at the beginning: this is not the only digital Trend Book we are going to launch this year, but we plan on a minimum of four issues until the end of the year (crazy but true).

All four topics are under production and we are positive, you’ll love them! In a few days, we will tell you more about the topic of the soon-to-be-launched Trend Book.

I am genuinely looking forward to this new chapter on Eclectic Trends!

Un abrazo. Gudy

If you are interested in being notified of the launch of our next Trend Book, let us know.


How about some extra inspiration?

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