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We are launching today! How To Create A Well Structure Mood Board – The Video Course

I can’t believe we did it! We could probably write a book about the production process with all the learnings so far. But here it is! Our first ever video online course on How To Create A Well Structure Mood Board.

Pre-sales has exceeded pretty much all our expectations, and I am really happy! The English version is out now (Spanish currently be produced), and you can expect 20 video clips with both a strategic and creative part.

I have very much stressed on offering loads of visual inspiration (there are many mood boards in there I created) but at the same time, I wanted to make clear that you mood board is only effective when worked with keywords and a first analysis on what you are going to present. The curating part is fun but should be based on a first more analytical step.

That’s just the way I have learned any message comes across much better, and it can become an amazing sales tool. I never tire saying that in 90% of the cases when I pitch with a mood board, I do win the project.

I walk you as well through 8 techniques of how to place all your elements in a balanced way on your board. We talk negative space, overlapping, color, how to include texts, etc. You’ll see many examples and a life moodboarding session where you see me work.

How to create a well structured mood board- The video course with Eclectic Trends

In case you haven’t seen the pre-sales video, here goes a shorter one, and I really hope you roll-in and let me see from then on your mood boards you are creating!

You can order your course right HERE. Thank you so much (and fingers crossed all goes well:) G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

3 Responses

  1. You truly are amazing dearest Gudy!
    I am so happy for you. Wishing you lots of success and all the best.
    Love always xx

  2. Congratulations on this Gudy! Such another great idea of yours and I’m sure it will be a huge success. Big hugs, Mel x

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