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What do bloggers collect? An Instagram shout out

This post comes out of a simple question I asked on Instagram when uploading a picture about two mugs. The question was: What do you collect? Since there were such nice comments popping in (at the end social media is all about interacting, isn’t it?), I thought about publishing a common post with several bloggers who wanted to take part and have sent me over pictures of their beloved collections.

So, let me introduce you to lovely fellow bloggers from Germany, Australia and Denmark and their passion:


My name is Sabine of the German blog azurweiss where everything is about interior and styling. Beside blogging I’m working as a freelance copy writer / editor and I am running a small online shop called la mesa wohnaccessoires where you can find pretty little things for your home mostly produced in Europe.

I have been collecting china for ages. I would never invest in jewellery but I can’t resist nice relief patterned vases, cups and plates – let them be new or vintage. My heart beats for pure white pieces – tender monochrome patterns as the flowers on the Royal Copenhagen items are allowed.


what do bloggers collect Confiture de Vivre | Eclectic Trend

My name is Sandy and I am running the Blog Confiture de Vivre which is dedicated to french-inspired recipes, my travel treasures and bits and pieces brightening up my life.

When it comes to food, I am obsessed, so no surprise that I collect cookbooks, food-related magazines and aprons. I do take this very seriously I have to admit. Wherever I travel the first thing I do is hunting a food magazine or entering the next bookstore. To keep the books in order I decided to organize them by color a couple of months ago. I really had a blast to do this and to stroke my favorites. Most of the books I would never ever use in my kitchen. Sounds strange, right!? A cookbook belongs onto the kitchen counter – I hear you say. But I so love my books – it is more like a long lasting relationship – that I don‘t want to see them covered with grease spots and dog-ears. Enough said – 100 books aren‘t enough – I‘ll keep the ball rolling.


what do bloggers collect Scarlett Jones | Eclectic Trend

My name is Lynn and I run a clothing homewares business in Melbourne Australia and have for the past 8 years. It is quite an eclectic mix of beautiful French clothing and washed linen clothing from the USA and other covetable goods which I curate myself from around the world as well as beautiful homewares mixed with vintage finds, all housed in a beautiful Victoria building. My blog is about Scarlet Jones (store name) and my Instagram throws in what I’m up to as well.

This a picture about a few of my favorite things now, it just seems that I’m drawn to the blue glaze at the moment.


what do bloggers collect Skandivis | Eclectic Trend

Hej! I am Toni Kay and I am Danish but as I have been living in London for more than 20 years, I like to describe myself as a Danish Londoner! I own Skandivis a web shop which sells Nordic inspired home-ware and design, I also write a small blog which is my visual playground, a place where I like to share the beautiful and inspirational things that I find on around the web.

I have chosen to show some classic Danish objects as they represent the simplicity and beauty in design that is such a big part of my Danish heritage. We all lead busy lives, so for me living in a bright home with minimal clutter and good design give me a feeling of peace, an environment without too much visual “noise”.


what do bloggers collect G. Herder | Eclectic Trends.jpg

Last but not least, it’s me! I have just finished the pic I started with at Instagram adding some more mugs of my collection. I pick them mainly on my travels but there are a couple of conditions to match my collection: only porcelain or handmade clay mugs go in. No stoneware. Preferably they come from different parts of the world such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Toscany…and you can see there is a clear colour pattern too :-)

I hope you have enjoyed this common post as much as I have! Please feel free to comment and follow all IG streams from Sabine, Sandy, Lynn, Toni and myself:-)

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Holaaa!

    Que guai! Me encanta tu iniciativa… Y me encanta que la gente tenga manias, vicios, coleccione,…
    Me gusta todo, las tazas blancas exquisitas, la porcelana azul increible, los libros de cocina mmmmmmm, y los objetos nórdicos me tienen el corazón robado desde siempre!!!



  2. I like this post! Sorry I missed the discussion on Instagram.
    I also have too many mugs (they seem to be a no-brainer gift idea) but none of them are as pretty as yours. Maybe I should get rid of them all and start from scratch!

    1. Hi Deepa, if we repeat, I’ll let you know. I probably do another one, I really do like the idea of common posts featuring fellow bloggers here. I am pretty sure you do have very nice mugs too! :-)

  3. Great common post, and so nice to see what others are collecting! I am not collecting anything specific – but I love images of collections of all sorts of things. I even have my own pinterest board dedicated to it. Your mug collection is just beautiful.

    1. Liebe Lena, you are a lucky girl not collecting anything, makes life less cluttered, I guess :-) Will have a look at your Pinterest board right now!

  4. Yes lovely post Gudy! How cute is Toni’s monkey! Hope you enjoyed Pulse-so sorry I didn’t bump into you there after missing you on Friday too. Been looking forward to catching up with you for so long :-( Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! xx

  5. Oh, this is great post Gudy! I want to see more! I love to see that other people collects also and I’m not the only one :) I collect differend kind of vintage things for reason of course…because I’m a photographer I need props in photos. Thanks for sharing!

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