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What do bloggers collect? The December Issue

For all of you who are reading this series for the first time, it all started in April this year when I posted  a pic of my some of my porcelain mugs on Instagram asking what my followers were collecting. Since there were quite some responses, I decided to start this series inviting friends, and I do love the result of getting a sneak peek into my virtual (and real) friend passions and hobbies. Some images are a total surprise others not. All of them are beautiful!

This time I am having friends from Denmark, UK, New Zealand and Germany. Quite exotic, right?

traveling mama white travel collection-3

Hej and greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.  I am an American Photographer, Stylist, and Blogger for Traveling Mama blog where I love to share our discoveries in our adventures in living and traveling abroad.  My collection today is one that I have been creating for over a decade.  I realized after our first years of traveling that it was not going to take long before we were overrun with travel trinkets, so rather than buying one of everything when we visited a new place, we started buying with a a little more focus.  Most of the objects I buy now are wonderful reminders of the places we have been, ranging from Beijing to Morocco, but they feel more like a cohesive collection because I am always on the hunt for something pale or wooden.


Hello there! My name is Will Taylor and I blog at Bright.Bazaar all about my passion for colour. From bright interiors to vibrant places, I love to share my passion for hue. I blog trend round ups, home tours and my personal travel experiences and photographs in the hope that it will inspire my readers to discover their personal palettes, and see the beauty in colour wherever they are in the World. I work as a freelance interiors journalist and recently completed my first interiors book, which will be published next spring.

My partner will attest to the fact that I’m guilty as charged when it comes to collecting. From postcards and books to bow ties and tea towels, I’m always adding to my mini collections as I go about my travels. However, a recent collecting pleasure I have discovered is centred around all things mint coloured. I’ve noticed that I have been gravitating towards this hue for the past eighteen months or so, and my kitchen cupboards are now generously stocked with various mint coloured wares. Most of this little mint collection consists of ceramics, from my favourite mini breakfast/snaking bowls by Swedish ceramist Mia Blanche to handcrafted dipped bowls and mugs by Jars Ceramistes. There’s also a tea towel (I couldn’t resist a little nod to another of my collecting habits!) from one of my favourite London Delis, Lina Stores. Plus you can see how my zest for mint appears elsewhere in my life with a strikingly simple mint watch that always seems to catch peoples’ eyes when I’m out and about – it’s a wardrobe staple for me now!

WDBC Mel Chesneau - lamps 3

Hello I’m Mel, I’m a Sydney girl living as an expat with my French husband and three children in Auckland, New Zealand. I write a blog, Armoire, Pegs and Casserole about home decoration and ideas to live with.

When Gudy asked me what I collect, I had to stop to think but soon realized that I actually had quite a few unintentional collections. I chose to share some of my lamps as that and indirect lighting would have to be something that my husband and I put a lot of emphasis on in our home. We purchased the vintage Joe Colombo just before we got married back in 2000 and we continued to build from there. To this day, it would still have to be my favourite. Most of them have been gifts to each other, some vintage, others new and two of them, the Jilde and the Nesso table lamp, we managed to carry back home with us from different trips to France.

Thanks Gudy for asking me to share my little collection in this fun column!


Hi there! My Name is Nic. I’m a freelance textile designer and author of the luzia pimpinella BLOG. I’m living with my hubby, my 12 year-old daughter and a Siamese cat near Hamburg Germany. In my very personal blog I write about everything that makes me happy and whatever strikes my fancy. That might be my work as a designer and crafter, DIY and interior ideas, our family travels, my passion for photography or yummy food recipes.

My collection of vintage globes surely is the visual expression of the constant wanderlust of my family. Whenever i see a globe on a flea market i just can’t walk by. I have to adopt it. It’s the same with vintage school maps, but they are quite huge and we don’t have that much space. so i try hard to stick to globes. This year they even play an active part in my christmas decoration having glittering stars o top and snowy pine trees around.

I also collect vases of all kinds, like mid-century white bone china or 70s lava ceramics.  my favorite collection is the one of teal colored vintage vases in many different shapes and from different eras. i love the tone in tone arrangement and all hues of turquoise are my all-time-favorite colors.

Thanks Gudy for having me! XO!

If you want to see all pictures, here goes a Pinterest board with all lovely contributions from so many talented bloggers out there.

How about some extra inspiration?

14 Responses

  1. Like you said Gudy: all of them are beautiful! I particularly love Mel’s lamp collection, it’s sooo good! Thanks Tina, Will, Mel and Nic for sharing your collections and Gudy for this wonderful series! I can’t get enough of it! x

  2. I absolutely love this series and seeing what all the others collect. I am so thrilled to have been a part. Thank you!

  3. Oh Hello Will with your mint collection! Love them all especially the dipped cups and that watch.
    Mel, love the vintage lighting, they all look so unique. Nic, your globe collection is so cool, it’s so very you. Lovely to meet you Hej and what a sweet eclectic collection from your travels. Thanks Gudy for sharing this wonderful series. Hope you all have a fab weekend xx

  4. Wow Gudy, I’m so happy to see it all pulled together. I’m feeling really chuffed to be in such great company. Tina has a gorgeous collection of treasures from her travels and I agree, so beautifully captured in the light. Will’s little mint collection is very sweet and a nice surprise because I would have imagined his bow ties! What a good idea of Nic to collect globes and I understand her fascination. I’m always drawn to them when I see them. Mel xx

  5. Wills Mint collection is fantastic but I’ve always been a fan of lighting so I can relate to Mel’s lighting collection. So eclectic and lovely. Have a lovely Christmas to you and your family Gudy. xD

  6. Happy New Year Gudy!! What a fantastic line-up… hello Tina, Mel and Will and lovely to meet you Nic!! Gorgeous collections all around and Mel you were right to be proud of the way the lamps turned out – they look amazing!! I love that each one tells a story and holds sentimental value. Great post as always Gudy. All the best for 2014 x x

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