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What do bloggers collect? The February Issue

For all of you who are reading this series for the first time, it all started in April last year when I posted a pic of my some of my porcelain mugs on Instagram asking what my followers were collecting. Since there were quite some interesting responses, I decided to start this series inviting fellow bloggers, and I do love the result of getting a sneak peek into my virtual and real friends passions and hobbies. Some images are a total surprise others not. This time I am having friends over from Poland, Germany, the US and I invited myself too (Spain).

Hello from Poland! My name is Aga and I’m the blogger behind Passion shake, where I share my crazy love for home decorating, little DIYs and pretty ideas for a happy living. I’m an interior design addict, learning stylist and photographer, with an aim to create my unique style, which will hopefully inspire others.

Apart from being a blogger, I’m a part-time treasure hunter. I have chosen to show you my collection of colorful feathers because it represents my passion for color and amongst many other things I collect, makes me really happy. Since I was little I’ve always had a thing for feathers, I would collect as many as I could find on the walks with my family.

There is just something really magical about their soft and floaty nature that I am drawn to. Few years back I discovered colorful feathers and I’m slowly creating my collection by adding pieces with interesting patterns and colors, found while traveling or during my regular visits to local craft shops. My collection includes feathers from China, India, Africa, USA and Europe and it’s still growing!

Thank you Gudy for asking me to contribute to this great column!

Hello there, my name is Sabine, I blog at Wohnbedarf and I live with my family in the wonderful city of Hamburg, Germany. Together with my husband Yves, I run the online shop We started it ten years ago selling a collection of unique vintage pieces accompanied by a carefully selected range of home and kitchen accessories. From the very start on, we have been specialising in vintage letters.

Each of the typographic vintage pieces has its own history and that is why we both love them. We have a huge collection not only in our warehouse but also at home. Vintage letters in many different colours, materials and state of patina are all around our house.

We found our first letters in a small antiques shop in Copenhagen a few years ago. We only took our initials – S and Y – and carried them the whole day with us around town. They are made of cast iron and are really, really heavy. But we did not regret because they were the jump start of our collection of vintage letters and of our shop, too.

Dear Gudy, thank you for asking me to share my letter love !

 We, Tina Ramchadani and Sarah Sarna launched our firm in September, after working for other designers as well as ourselves. We decided to join forces and created Franklin Eighth, which was named after New York City streets we live on. Our focus is on creating environments with a fresh, sophisticated perspective. We create modern interiors with traditional elements, resulting in an elegant aesthetic.

Why we collect candles:

As interior designers we are constantly problem solving, ensuring orders are delivered on time, and that pieces are built and created correctly. We find that lighting a candle improves our work environment and our days. Candles are small accessories that provide great peace and serenity.

Ok, and that’s me. I wanted to show you how my mug collection has grown since I started this series last May, evolved even I stay with a pretty similar color pattern. Many new ones come from my last trip to Shanghai in autumn. Who could resist Chinese ceramics??

They have all a story,  and I use them on a daily base. I even drink sometimes my red wine in porcelain mugs. When having guests, they go all together on a table and you can choose the one you want to have. Just.during. dinner. though :-)

You can see all contributions since we started on Pinterest.

How about some extra inspiration?

11 Responses

  1. I love this series, Gudy! So inspiring to see what other creatives collect. I love the letters from Freundts as you know (I think I might need to get myself some, too) and your mug collection is beyond beautiful – I absolutely adore the blue/neutral hues and the watercolour effects on them!! I think you should launch a mug collection too…

    1. Thank you Igor! Yes, this month is very airy, isn’t it? You should get a Freundts letter, I do a agree, have a look at the picture she has published on her IG stream! And launching a mug collection? That would be wonderful…xx

  2. Wow, such a fabulous edition of “What do bloggers collect?”, Gudy! Love the styling of Aga’s feathers and the letters by Sabine from Freundts… I just started following her on IG, it’s letter-lover heaven! And your mug collection is so pretty! It’s so nice that you actually use them, in stead of playing museum ;) What I’m curious about, do you ever buy 2 of the same mugs?

  3. La primera foto es alucinante. Me encanta la colección de plumas de colores, pero todavía me gusta más la manera como nos las muestra! Potentes!
    Y tus ceráimcas dan mucha envidia. No me extraña que tu casa sea todo gusto y autenticidad! Preciosas!

    Un abrazo!

    Ah, la que falta encima del caballo rosa es una rubia rockera! jajaja!

  4. What a beautiful collection of mugs. They are all very lovely.
    I love the collections on pinterest and it made me think what I am collecting.
    Maybe deer figurines, fabrics or plants, I guess.
    Wish you a beautiful week.

  5. Always a great series…. the feathers, what can I say (I’m a little feather obsessed), the letters from Freundts… magnificent. Will have to follow their IG.

    Your collection is wonderful. I love how guests can choose which one they want BUT just for dinner:-)

    Great stuff!

  6. I am so envious of your mug collection Gudy! All such beautiful pieces. All the collections are wonderful and beautifully styled. xD

  7. Hi Gudy and everyone, wow lots of similarities in my life at the moment! Love the feathers and am in the process of doing something similar myself. Tina I just read about how lovely it is to light a candle when you work and will be applying this myself. Sabine a lovely collection of vintage letters and look forward to visiting your shop online. And Gudy, your ceramics are simply beautiful, I don’t know about drinking wine in mugs though?? ;-) Mel xx

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