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What do bloggers collect? The January issue

I’m a Hilde Mork, a Norwegian graphic designer. I live in Norway, Skien, in a house with a garden with my husband, my son Theis (2) and daughter, Veslemøy (4) + our sweetest cat, Rosa. Garden, nature and interior are my playgrounds. I write for magazines – styling, photo and text. My new path is HYSJ. HYSJ is a web-shop where Jeanette, my lovely partner and soulsister, sell limitied edt. prints and other products designed by us. A dream come true!
My blog, like my instagram, is a sort of digital book. The layout is print based, and I save each «page» individually. The content is interior, but also lifestyle in general. One day I can collect my favourite pages and print them. I believe in the magic of printed paper!
My collection – Horses:
I think it started with the old, chinese painting a got from my grand father. Horses are strong and beautiful animals. Classical. I have never been interested in horses and riding, and I’m a bit afraid of them. But their estetics have always intrigued me. My horses are usually in placed different places in our home mixed with more modern things, but I was fun to se them together. I also have a golden horse necklace and a tiny wooden horse. The last addition to the collection are to prints from Hysj. They had to be made… The horses have all different stories and are made in different materials I love. They are all small reminders: Enjoy, love and embrace life, … AND be wild!

my paradissi lantern collection 03

Hello everyone! My name is Eleni and I’m the blogger behind My Paradissi. Along with blogging I work as an interior design architect on the island of Crete in Greece. I’m fascinated by beauty and sort of need a pretty environment to feel vibrant and alive. My blog helps me create an imaginary paradise to keep me inspired and help others see the bright side of life too. Talking of beautiful (and bright) surroundings, I always had a thing of small sourced light, from strings of fairy lights at home to impressive sparkling fireworks in the night sky, and the amazing results it creates when used correctly. In that occasion, I love to use candles at home. I have never intended to start a lantern collection but, somehow, I ended up with a bunch of them and probably their number will just keep growing. With them you can count several votive holders, candlesticks and meters of string lights, every so often all lit up simultaneously!

What do bloggers collect_Louise

My name is Louise and I write the daily blog 30s Magazine; a lifestyle blog sharing life’s little luxuries, tips, trends and random things that make me happy.  I’m based in the Netherlands.

I collect a lot of things like shoes, bags, presse papiers, international ceramic tea sets, and notebooks. But my oldest passion is my collection of gem stones jewelry made my independent jewelry makers. My fascination with gem stones started as a child. My mother always wore a large brown with black quartz pendant necklace that mesmerized me while sitting on her lap. She also had a ring with an aqua blue topas she got when she turned 16 and handed down to me when I turned 16. I never take it off.

Since then I have been collecting natural stones jewelry, but only by independent jewelry makers. My treasures come from everywhere, from Mexico, to a Navajo Indian reservation, Bali, Paris or the Netherlands. The jewelry are great reminders of where I’ve been, they never go out of fashion, and I love how each stone has its own energy.


I’m Elena and I live in Barcelona. I write at facing north with gracia where I gather the particular mix of my personal inspirations about design and interiors: simple essential spaces with a preference for the Scandinavian and industrial ones.

Lamps are my greatest passion: I could collect them like many women collect shoes! I’ve always been fascinating by these objects but it was not until I moved to Barcelona that I started to gather a few. Cuboluce was the first to arrive home, a present from a dear friend (who knows me well!). I’m interested in both designers’ lamps but also vintage objects, like the small rounded one I bought as a welcome present for my husband when we moved to our new flat. Lamps are essential element when it comes to create the right atmosphere or enhance a specific corner. I like to move them around a lot to see how they work in a different and unexpected spot: the way a place reacts to light always amazes me.

How about some extra inspiration?

15 Responses

  1. Como siempre exquisitas colecciones!

    Fan total de Elena! Me identifico con ella al cien por cien! De lo que más me apasiona es la iluminación. Pienso que puedes cambiar el ambiente de cualquier lugar iluminándolo de mil maneras distintas. Llevo años invirtiendo parte de mis ahorros en lámparas que me apasionen. Y como Elena no todas tienen que ser forzosamente de diseño. Recuerdo un viaje al sur de Francia donde encontré una de las mejores!

    Gudy, vuelve!


  2. Another wonderful peek into other bloggers’ homes and passions – love it as always, but maybe even a bit more this time. So different and unique, every single one of them. I think the horses are my favourite, and I’m not even into horses that much. But I love that they are all frozen in the middle of a movement, assembled like this it looks very impressive.

    1. Hi Lena, yes, all the issues are so different, sometimes you relate more because you would have that collection too but what I love most are the stories behind! xx

  3. I love the peek into other bloggers’ lives! The things people collect can be so random and wonderful, it’s always interesting. The collection of horses is particularly fascinating, really beautiful. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Such a pleasure to read this always Gudy:) Hilde your horse collection is wonderful and I like to see some of the history of some of the HYSJ prints. Elini you have a lovely collection of lanterns, they’d look fabulous stringed together for celebrations! Louise I love that story of your mothers pendant necklace and seeing your impressive collection. Of course Elena I adore your lamp collection and understand your passion;-) Mel xx

    1. Hahaha so true Anya, bloggers do get around ;) Another beautiful issue of this lovely series, Gudy! I really love the border between completely random and endearing, powerful and specific. Thanks Hilde, Eleni, Louise and Elena!

  5. You already know how much I love this series. To see so many varied collections and their story behind them is so inspirational and often moving. They might all be different yet I see so many similarities. Wonderful! x

  6. Hi Gudy, I found your blog through our mutual friends, Tina and Geraldine! It is lovely to “meet” you and your musings….they are simply wonderful! I love this series of what bloggers collect, I always find it inspiring and intriguing to see what others collect! I am a horse lover so this one particularly caught my eye. I will put you on my radar now and look forward to reading more.

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