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What do bloggers collect? The November Issue

For all of you who are reading this series for the first time, it all started in April when I posted  a pic of my some of my porcelain mugs on Instagram asking what my followers or other IG users were collecting. Since there were quite some responses, I decided to start this series inviting friends, and I do love the result of getting a sneak peek into my virtual (and real) friend passions and hobbies. Some images are a total surprise others not. All of them are beautiful!

This time I have three guests on the blog with an usual variety of collections! Not only that I love seeing all those pics but reading their stories too.


Hello, I’m Ilaria. I’m the Italian blogger behind un due tre ilaria, where I write about everything that inspires me and makes me feel good in Interiors and Design. I’ve been living in France for more than a decade and this summer we left beloved Paris to move to Southern France, in sunny Provence.

I’ve always been attracted by collections. I’m an Art Historian and I run a Medieval Art Gallery for 9 years. Collectors and collections were my daily business. My husband and I had a crush for prints years ago, mainly dating from 19th-early 20th century. Our collection is tiny, we try to pick artists we know and we love Japanese prints above all. Among others, we had the chance to acquire an original Hokusai and being offered an Hiroshige for our marriage. We haven’t been acquiring any new prints for sometime, but this series gave me the thrill of starting looking for them again. Thank you Gudy :-)


Hi, I’m Nuria a graphic designer and fashion stylist with more than 17 years of experience based in Barcelona. I’m a passionate woman who enjoys life and makes the most of my free time. I love beauty -whatever its form- and always in search of new wonders. I’m hooked to beauty.

My blog enepunt is the outlet where I mirror myself. Before the blogs era, I used to make homemade moodboards. Scissors, glue, and pens were the only things I needed to build my mini worlds.

I’ve documented my life -addresses, recomendations, references- in small notebooks since the day I could write, and since 2012 enepunt has been my favorite way to share it with you. Welcome to my mini worlds!

Because I grew up in a town in the Pyrenees I like to say I’m a girl from the woods. But truth be told, I rather prefer cities, people, movement, stress and adventure. The only thing that sticks from that time are my Cowboy boots. The weather in my hometown was freezing cold and I used to wear them with jeans, like a tomboy. Now, 15 years later, I cant’t live without them. The more special the boots are the more I like them. I’m totally obssessed with my collection, a collection that keeps growing with every trip, with every new adventure.


Hi everyone, my name is Judith and I’m a Dutch graphic designer living in France. My blog contains a mix of travel stories, interior design and urban jungles. And lots of photos, because I love that!

Besides shoes, seashells, typography pictures, paper boxes, business cards, yellow objects, gingerbread toys, cacti & succulents & palm trees, colored paper, buoys, water bottles and blue tableware, I collect color pencil tips. I think it’s one of my dearest collections, that I started around the age of 7. At the time I drew a lot and preferred pencils over markers. Some of the pencil tips broke and I kept them in my drawer: a collection was born. I even had a “pencil claw” so that I could actually use the pencil tips!

Even though these days I draw more with my Wacom pen than with color pencils, I still add all the broken pencil tips to my little silly collection.

Ladies, thank you so much for participating! How interesting is the series this time? We have the art lover, rocky lady and apparently a true collector over here. I have enjoyed your contribution a lot!

Please see former issues here, or hop over and take a look at  the Pinterest board!

How about some extra inspiration?

11 Responses

  1. Oh this really is such a wonderful series, Gudy! I think this would make for a lovely book project: interesting stylings of personal collections all accompanied by the owner’s story behind their collection. PITCH IT!

    I loved to learn that Ilaria is an art historian and see her beautiful collection. The boots in Nuria’s shots each tell a thousand stories and I ponder on each thinking of all the places each pair of boots has been and the paths they have trodden. And as for Judith’s coloured pencil tips? Well you just know that the colour brought a smile to my face!

    1. I have enjoyed the back and forth today on twitter with all the book idea comments. Made me really think…Thank you, Will! xx

  2. Gudy!!!
    Ya sabes que estoy alucinada con la colaboración y que me encantan las “partenaires” que me han tocado.
    Ilaria tiene mucha historia acumulada y su colección es exquisita. Y que decir de Judith!!! Es buenísima su colección. Tan llena de color y buen rollo!!!

    Mil gracias por dejarme formar parte de este blog tan increíble y sobretodo por esas tardes de chocolate!


  3. This is such a great series Gudy!!!

    I think Will is right. It would make for an interesting and visually stimulating book. I love everyone’s collections here.

    I’m fascinated about people collections so thank you for feeding this part in me.

    I’ve not come across Nuria before so thank you for the introduction.
    Ilaria and Judith, great stuff.

    Thank you ladies x

  4. Oh gosh I love this! It’s so warm and lovely to read this personal thing about people. I hope that Ilaria and her husband continue with their wonderful collection, I find walking through people’s homes and looking at the frames on the walls so interesting. Nuria’s collection of boots are amazing! And Judith’s pencil tips is such a lovely story with how she started out. I’d love to see a jar full of them. Mel xx

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