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What do bloggers collect? The October issue

I couldn’t imagine coming back from Shanghai with a better post than this one! I just love this series, so much joy when pictures and texts are popping in my inbox!

For all of you who are reading this series for the first time, it all started in April when I posted  a pic of my some of my porcelain mugs on Instagram asking what my followers or other IG users were collecting. Since there were quite some responses, I decided to start this series inviting friends, and I do love the result of getting a sneak peek into my virtual (and real) friend passions and hobbies. Some images are a total surprise others not. All of them are beautiful!

Michele H_The Design Chaser_what do bloggers collect

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Halford and my blog is The Design Chaser. I live in New Zealand and write about great design from here and around the world. I am passionate about interiors, particularly those with Scandinavian style, and I’m slowly building up my collection of Scandi homewares for our newly built home. As you can see I love black and white, brands such as Muuto, Hay and Ikea and graphic prints by the talented  Scandinavian illustrators Kristina Krogh, Rikka Kantinkoski and Nynne Rosenvinge.


Bonjour ! My name’s Deborah Beau and I run a blog called Kickcan & Conkers. K&C (that’s better!) is a mix of kids’ design, art, crafts, fashion – anything and everything that I find beautiful and / or interesting. I’m originally from the UK but have lived in the South of France for over 25 years.

When I was little I spent a lot of time with my Gran. She used to take me to jumble sales, coffee mornings and charity shops. I loved thrifting from an early age! This collection of vintage crockery was one of my very first. I have been building it up for years, one plate, one teacup, one jug at a time. It’s eclectic,  colourful, ever-changing.  Pretty patterns, chips and flaws – a link with my British childhood.

What do bloggers collect Caroline Davis

Hi everyone! And thanks so much Gudy for asking me to join in with your series!

I’m Caroline, a residential and editorial interiors stylist with a little visual diary blog called Trend Daily. When Gudy asked me to join in, I realized that I have many, many bits and bobs all over the house, but all completely different and with no particular theme-just a collection of things that I’ve seen and loved. The one true collection in our home is these vintage bottles, which I have to admit, all belong to my husband. He bought them as a job lot many years ago and then never taken them out of the loft! Needless to say, now I have discovered them, they have made many appearances on blog posts and  even editorial shoots. Seeing everyone else’s collections has really inspired me to start one of my very own now…!! Thanks Gudy x


Hello everyone, my name is Clara and I’m a German Interior Stylist and Blogger. I live in lovely Hamburg with my husband and at daytime I’m a busy being freelance stylist and producer for photos for German magazines and catalogues. At nighttime, I blog at Tastesheriff! My passion lies in collection things – I always got the excuse – “its for my job – I need props”. I just realized by making pictures for Gudy – I’m a real collector. I just found 14 different kinds of China cups in my cupboards (and normally we use mugs). I love the surface, and for every drink I have my favorite one!

Thank you so much, ladies!

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How about some extra inspiration?

26 Responses

  1. Goodness me, all of these are so lovely, and very well styled and photographed. I enjoyed reading more about Deb’s history and how that has impacted on her taste now, and the light through the pale blue glass bottles in Caroline’s vignette is beautiful.

    1. Aren’t bloggers are a bunch of so very talented people when it comes to writing, styling and taking amazing pictures? :-) x

  2. Wonderful series! I’m always astonished about the wonderful things people have at home. I definitely don’t have similar things at home.

    1. I don’t believe you! Anyhow, you are surrounded on a daily working base by so many beauty, I guess that’s already covered. :-) x

  3. Love it all. Deborah’s collection of vintage china is probably what I would collect if my husband (who indulges me in everything else) didn’t put his foot down about flowery cups and saucers!

  4. Thanks so much for including me with such a lovely group of bloggers Gudy! Now you have really made me think about collecting something of my very own rather than just adopting Jon’s collection-I’m inspired! xx

  5. I’m delighted you asked me to share one of my collections, especially together with such a lovely group of fellow bloggers. I have quite a few vintage glass bottles like Caroline’s too, and our house is mostly decorated in black & white, so I definitely feel at home. Merci!

    1. Oh, you do? I’d love to get a sneak peek one day…Thanks for sending all the lovely pics, Deb! I have really enjoyed them!

  6. This is so much fun! I love seeing what others collect, especially when so many are “familiar faces”!

  7. Hey sweet Gudy, still awesome this series of yours, so much fun to see what your (and some of my) favorite bloggers collect, and get to meet new ones. LOVE all of these collections – so fab. happy day to you and welcome back,

  8. Welcome back.

    A truly great series… really fun and it appeals to my geeky side… collecting is so much fun, albeit difficult in small spaces. Fascinating to see what bloggers collect!

    Hope you had a good time x

    1. Thk you so much, Tina! Well you can always ask your husband to store away your findings a while :-) Caroline’s story was hilarious!

  9. Me encanta lo distintos que somos todos! Cada uno con sus historias y sus consecuentes colecciones.
    Y lo que más me gusta es que muchos no sabemos en realidad nuestras pasiones. Hasta que no nos ponemos a analizarlas no nos damos cuenta de cuanto nos gustan!

    gracias por despertar nuestros mini mundos!

    Bienvenida a casa crac!


  10. This is so much fun Gudy. It tells so much about a person and is so very interesting. Lovely to see Caroline and Michelle here who’s collections are rather familiar to me;-) Great to discover Clara and Deborah, especially loving that story about the jumble sales with her Gran. M xx

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