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What Makes A Wellness Brand In 2022/23?


You have heard us talk about wellness much more in the past months because this topic is at the core of our personal and professional interests at Eclectic Trends. A new concept of Care and Wellness has entered every corner of our lives, inside and outside our homes.

We know we have changed over the last 18 months, but can we explain to any organization or brand how our preferences and values as a consumer have shifted?


Welcome to The New Care Economy 2022/23, focusing on wellbeing and self-care, the ultimate currency of cool.


Wellness is no siloed industry anymore; it goes beyond taking a bubble bath, logging into a meditation app, or enjoying healthy food. And while all these practices feel great and sure add to your wellbeing, the understanding of wellness has been amplified.

According to a study by Ogilvy, 41% of consumers say wellness claims sound believable.

So, let us share our view:

80% want more wellness. 75% say brands don’t offer enough wellness. What an opportunity to collaborate with your consumer, ask them what wellness means to them, create the product and services they look for, and foster loyalty!

A part of society wants to see changes at large, including the car and bank, industry, waiting rooms in hospitals, airports, and public spaces in general. We want stress-free experiences that put us in a positive frame of mind. Ready to explore a public life again, we leave our homes and long-time shelter but do not want to compromise on comfort in public spaces. These need to become more personal.”
Gudy Herder



Wellness is no one-size-fits-all formula and very personal. Taking care of myself has a different meaning than it has to you.

Our latest wellness research within the field of interior design & lifestyle has led us to define four areas:

CHAPTER 1 – The Era Of Self

When we hear the prefix SELF, we might think of selfishness and ego immediately. Not everybody sees a positive association here. However, during a long period of self-isolation, we’ve learned that we could turn that situation into moments of self-care, self-worth, and hopefully, self-love. The negative connotation turned into something more positive. Within this area, we like to shine a light on a growing awareness of self-care and the rise of individualism in our society. 

CHAPTER 2 – Wellbeing Design

Its key concept is feel-good design, and that’s is an emotional approach to interior design we’ve experienced in past years. Home has always been the place to feel good, yet today, it’s the place to feel safe; it’s a different direction. ‘How does it make me feel’​ comes as a leitmotiv of the New Care Economy. Today’s exercise is to act on how you can translate feel-good aesthetics with an additional twist to feel cared for, looked after, and protected?

CHAPTER 3 – Escapism

During an extended period of semi-liberty, all we wanted was to daydream and literally escape. 3D artists gifted us with their imagination on Instagram and allowed us to travel within their often surreal landscapes. Digital art is exploding and occupying the cryptocurrency universe or metaverse. It’s become a herald of ad campaigns, where the rendered universe is as significant as the recently launched product itself.

CHAPTER 4 –  Contemplation

Contemplation is kind of an evolution of mindfulness and mindful design we explored in the previous trend reports. 2022 is the moment to go a step further and extrapolate the idea of shelter into interior design. We observe the rise of cave-like spaces that give us protection, a concept we call Modern Caves that comes with examples of modern caves in the corporate world, residential projects, and public examples such as the wormhole library by MAD architects. All projects have a common denominator: they invite to enjoy moments of reflection and contemplation, focusing on minimal beauty.

After ten months of research, we have put our insights into one trend package and are excited to look forward to how the idea of care and wellness will further develop. You can see our latest findings in a +180 pages trend report & package that includes a 4-step methodology in our trend report menu.

How about some extra inspiration?

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