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What would be the perfect self-service store for online consumers?

Posti, Finland’s leading postal and logistics company, asked what would be the perfect self-service store be like for online-shopping customers. And how could a row of parcel lockers look appealing and focus on human-centered design? Also, which is the retail future?

I have learned a great deal during the past months about how brands miss opportunities and offer a service that only discourages consumers from shopping again. These are my personal paint points :

  • too much packaging that goes into waste

  • plastic packaging that goes into waste

  • items arrive in bad shape thanks to poor packaging

  • no personal note inside the package to genuinely connect or thank the consumer

  • return policy not well explained either inside the package or on the web site

  • return shipping needs to be paid by the consumer

When online shopping becomes a stress issue, you lose a consumer. The entire process needs to be more efficient; the following project designed and executed by Fyra takes care of the consumer in several ways and looks like a best-case example.

Studio Fyra designed Box by Posti, located in central Helsinki, which needed to accommodate over 600 parcel lockers and fitting rooms to try online purchases on immediately and send them back if necessary. Special attention has been paid to the recycling of packaging materials.

Space also needed to look appealing to draw attention when looking in from the street.

These are the three key concepts when designing and executing Box:


1// Box is a service concept to make the user’s life easier

2// Box’s architecture focussed on unexpected joyful design but also on functionality 

3// The space needs to be intuitive to make it work


With different colors assigned to different activity areas, the customer instinctively follows pathfinding their way around the facility. The collaborating companies also set out to create a visually compelling interior for it to stand on its own, separate from the existing brand imagery, and to represent Posti’s renewed identity.


What would be the perfect self-service store?

What would be the perfect self-service store for online consumers?


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