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When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Architectonic Design

I am back with a new post on the series When Interior Meets Fashion. Thanks to contemporary technologies, complex architectonic patterns have been integrated in today’s fashion industry. High quality of specifically textured fabrics help build complex structures, so let’s talk about Architectonic Design in both fields, interior design and fashion.
In the interior design field however, getting inspired by architecture seems to be closer and a more logical approach.
Wood, marble, glass and ceramics are ideal materials to be formed in geometric shapes such as cones, pyramids, hexagons and origami-alike structures.

When Interior Meets Fashion-Architectonic Design- Eclectic Trends

Brilliant Chair by Danish Eva Fly | Overground collection by DZHUS

With the use of alternative upholstery materials, the vertical surfaces of the Brilliant Chair became translucent respecting the light flow and lines of architecture. It’s interesting to observe how a detail such as the pink cushion immediately changes the perception of a rather cold design, don’t you think?

Big crush here on the Overground Collection by DZHUS where architectonic and pretty edgy design interprets monumental structure of industrial objects.

When Interior Meets Fashion-Architectonic Design- Eclectic Trends

‘Kono’ coffee table by Lella & Massimo Cignelli for Casigliani | Gloria Yu headpiece

The Postmodern Kono coffee table has a glass top resting on a slab of granite on one side, and the tip of a copper metal cone on the other. The design exploits the relationship between abstract geometrical figures and material finishings, both elements are positioned in a way the glass remains stable.

Gloria Yu works with hand-crafted luxurious materials in her hometown of Hong Kong being the only designer in the May 2014 graduating class of the Parsons Fashion Design BFA program to showcase a headpiece collection. Her geometric and unusual crowns are structured often around silk-coated wires to make them comfortable and easily adjustable.

When Interior Meets Fashion-Architectonic Design- Eclectic Trends

Edgy tiles for Kaza Concrete | Yung Wong

Edgy tiles give structure to smooth walls in the public and private sector with two designs of concave and convex planes allowing to play with your very own composition. Custom made designs are so on vogue, I believe it’s just very clever marketing!

With mathematical rigor and artisanal savoir-faire, Hong Kong based designer Yung Wong creates a collection inspired by architect Zaha Yadid. With different types of chiffon he purposely disturbs its tranquility with geometric mosaics that evoke vector graphics. The entire collection is very interesting, I really recommend you hop over after reading today’s post.

When Interior Meets Fashion-Architectonic Design- Eclectic Trends

Wooden plaid by Elisa Stroyzek | Anna Borowa

I am a long time fan of Elisa Stroyzek‘s work and have seen her wooden work at many other brands, all obviously very inspired by her first take. But all she does is just great! Finding her on international trade shows is always a highlight.

Anna Borowa‘s take on Geometry Of Nature is pretty interesting too, you can see her work on Behance.

How about some extra inspiration?

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