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When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Denim Vibes

Interiors Meets Fashion-Denim Look-Eclectic Trends

When Interior Meets Fashion is a series (in case you just happen to read this post for the first time) that covers similarities between the Fashion and Interior Design world and shows how close they often get.

Interior Meets Fashion-Denim Vibes-Eclectic Trends

Pepe Heykoop for Star |Matthew Dolan

In one of our last posts  we mentioned one of the editorial rules we work by:

Three times popping up the same innovative style is considered a possible trend.

Though editorials treat the term ‘trend’ in a different way (let’s say, more from a fashion point of view rather than a scientific one) than a trend agency would handle.

Do you know that feeling? If you observe the world in a similar way, you might know the feeling of stumbling over certain things over and over again and after a while you start seeing a pattern. Well, this is exactly what happened to us with denim. Though we know, we are very early here.

Interior Meets Fashion-Denim Vibes-Eclectic Trends

Diesel Living | Alexander Wang

Denim has taken over high fashion and street styles and over the past – may we say – decades… Lately, it has been paving its way into interiors. A small evolution of a fabric that was considered to be a wearing material mainly for work clothes.

Interior Meets Fashion-Denim Vibes-Eclectic Trends

Scott & Scott ArchitectsFendi Spring/Summer 2016

Originally a very strong and resilient fabric made of cotton, it is now available in many different colors, strengths and even other mixture of fabrics but 100% cotton by simply imitating the look of denim.

Interior Meets Fashion-Denim Vibes-Eclectic Trends

Elle Decoration Shushu Tong

The idea to use denim in interiors is not brand new, but we believe it is going to be a Micro Trend knowing that WGSN has opened a department just for Denim.

The use of this fabric is now used in interiors as if it was made for garments. The fashion industry works at an incredibly fast pace, nothing compared to the world of interiors – but in the examples we have chosen you can see how different styles, that are applied in fashion, are also applied in interiors: combination of grunge street style and the recycling of denim, to use as a second skin

Interior Meets Fashion-Denim Vibes-Eclectic Trends

Paola Navone for Marie Claire Maison | Fendi Spring/Summer 2016

We can’t wait to see how this movement will develop! It is always fun to recognize new styles, especially to watch innovative thinking and technology combine new ways, as fabrics being applied in different disciplines… especially in such different ways than those that you are accustomed to. At the end, everything is intertwined. G, x

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