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When Interior Design Meets Fashion: The Marble Trend

Marble Trend - Eclectic Trends

I have been writing a trend article for a dear client I’d like to share with you today. When Interior Meets Fashion is a series where I’d like to combine interior design and fashion to see how a certain trend has been adapted to these two disciplines.

Catwalks many times advance trends and other creative areas join in later and do translate the given information. This time, I’d like to say, it has been the other way around and interior design came up first setting a milestone bringing marble slabs back to the market.

I still remember as it was yesterday, that year when visiting the Salone del Mobile, I saw all these amazing table tops in white marble wondering who could a) afford them b) would go that classic again. Four years later, it’s pretty clear we are talking about an interdisciplinary trend. Though the images below belong to fashion and interior design mainly, you can find marble effects in stationery, art, food styling and graphic design, among other fields.

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Katty Schiebeck | Jil Sander

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Carrara tableware by Bodo Sperlein | Robert Rodriguez   

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Marble Tree by AiWeiwei| Clutch by Countryroad  

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Kelly Wearstler stools | Balenciaga

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Nouveau Rebel by Lee Broom | Elke Kramer  

Interior Design-Marble Trend-Eclectic Trends

Sore Rosen Studio | & other stories

The main reason probably is that marble is considered as easy to combine even very chic. I think it was very smart to come up with smaller designs and even adopt the print in so many ways. As a second choice, you’ll find black marble now and the Marble Trend has moved towards other semi-precious stones the last two years featuring some more color palettes with onyx and alabaster.

Who does not like a rather luxury item converted into a trendy and pretty cool object? Many designers have gotten inspired and come up with, sometimes most unexpected objects. Even at the fashion industry we all observed marveled the marble print on the upscale catwalks but can nowadays include street style garments in our closet with a more reasonable price point.

I like the elegance it brings to every single small detail, and that make this current trend so very special. How about you? G, x

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