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Which Trend Report Would You Like Us To Publish First?

Trend Reports 2022 Eclectic Trends

Can we get your help? Which Trend Report would you like us to publish first? Here, at Eclectic Trends, we work with three Mega Trends: Health/Wellbeing, Nature As A Muse/Sustainability, and Urbanization.
I’ve given a few non-public trend lectures in the past 4 months on the new topics. Now, we will bring the trend research available as digital trend books.

Evert report is labor-intensive; they will be published one by one.
Since we do not have a preference, we’d like to see yours. Please let us know below your preference. Thank you so much!




Consumers have become hyper-focused on their wellness, care, and self-care during the pandemic. 

The term ‘care’ long-time associated with the health industry, is expanding into a more holistic sense. And wellness has become a boundless source of opportunities if you understand the different angles of it. 41% of consumers say they can’t find what they want at their preferred shops.

Wellness sectors are no longer siloed industries; care and wellness converge into our homes and communities, our work, travel, and leisure. 

You’ll learn:

  • why we’re not interested in transaction-driven brands only and 

  • how brands can engage with the individuum who is living probably the largest shift in consumer behavior in modern times.


Everyone talks about wellness.I'm super interested.





The constant connection to digital devices in 2020 makes us crave the most untreated expression of nature. 

Austerity and a minimum almost raw expression become aspirational while craftsmanship goes mainstream through collaborations supported by mass volume brands. 

Our relation with nature is further expressed by care: rooftop farming, kitchen farming, and community gardening allow us to live the spirit of nature in all its seasons and reconnect with our essence.

You’ll get insights on:

  • the expansion of The Fifth Facade and its meaning

  • why we are back to a rather raw expression of creativity

Necessary and inspiring My jam!




The period we live in requires us to rethink the way we live; one could speak of the beginning of a real “domestic revolution.” 

The home’s vision as a “closed system” is destined to change into an “open system.”

Let’s imagine homes as “units” grouped, which form a self-sufficient cluster where communities take care of and support each other. We’ve become more self-sufficient in the past 12 months, so does our lifestyle.

But do brands already respond to it? 

We’ll share:

  • why comfort has become the magic word

  • the concept of The Third Place and why it matters


Ok, what's going on? Let me hear more!


It takes less than one minute to participate, we appreciate your input!



Curious what the future of wellbeing might hold? The New Care Economy is now published.

Trend Report


Consumers have become hyper-focused on wellness and self-care in the past 15 months. As a result, they are more interested in less transaction-based communication and more in what a brand can do for them. How does this spirit look translated into design?

How about some extra inspiration?

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