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Trending color combinations for your home with Studio Pepe

It must be the season because you know, I’m not the brightest person when it comes to display color on my blog. Except for publishing posts about Italian designers. Studio Pepe is one of my favorite ladies duos out there (is there any other??), I have written about them several times already just because they way they work with color combinations in retail, editorial shots, and interior design is just something to learn from, and you get great interior design ideas from them. I have the feeling they just treat color differently in Italy. See some of the random images below from their portfolio.


Decorating with acqua and mustard is quite a thing lately, and it gets even more interesting when adding bold coral pops to it. Now, imagine for a moment you take them out…and then you probably have again a color scheme you might feel more confortable with for your home.

Talking about boldness, to my surprise, there was quite some neon color at the Salone del Mobile again but pretty much reduced to this reddish-coral shade. I mean, really? Again? I rather prefer a nice statement Klein-Blue.

Here we have another pretty straight to the point example of how much Memphis Design influences on any creative discipline. Did you see the examples from the Salone review? It’s one of the most fun trends lately, and I am really excited to see how the different design disciplines are going to get inspired.


Also, if your heart skips a beat when seeing clay and terracotta:

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  1. I’ve also noticed again a lot of colours, you’re right in Italy we love them :) For sure, much less neon colours this year and a lot of rich and reddish colours I think. I’ve also seen a lot of yellow, again this year as in the previous one! But they say this is the year for Minions’ yellow ;)

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