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Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben | Shortly to be released

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I am back from Moscow and like to thank you all for good wishes for my trend presentation in London at Global Color Research on Saturday at IG and FB! It has been very interesting to see the proposals of fellow presenters coming from different industries and the four trends for Autumn/Winter 15/16 we came finally up with. Their trend catalog will be edited this December and I can’t wait to have my own edition of Mix Trends.

And talking releases, today I’d like to show you some more pictures of the book I contributed to and which Callwey will release in the upcoming weeks. I am really so much looking forward to it, discover the homes of my colleagues, their interior design tips and tricks and see the first “blogger only home book” on the market.

Wishing you a wonderful first September week! Gudy xx

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12 Responses

  1. Que contenta estoy por ti!

    Mix trends, que ganas de verlo!!!! Y el libro donde has colaborado, mmmmm!

    Empezar el curso lleno de buenas noticias es lo mejor! Energía positiva a tope!

    Espero poder disfrutar de tu trabajo y buen rollo!



  2. Wow-doesn’t Holly have the most fabulous kitchen! I can’t wait for the book to come out Gudy-very exciting! So glad you enjoyed your presentations and wonderful to be part of MIX-just so perfect for you! xx

    1. Yes, the kitchen is absolutely stunning, I do agree.
      The presentation was so interesting, I had big fun helping with the final color touches on the trends for 15/16.
      Next time, I have to spend an extra time in London to meet up. It’s been the 3rd time already this year, can’t believe we couldn’t make it!

  3. I really can’t wait to see this book Gudy, it’s such a fabulous idea and fingers crossed that there will be an english version, they’d be crazy not to! So happy for you for this and also the colour trend report, what two very incredible experiences. Happy September! Mel x

    1. I believe this editorial sticks to the German version which will be a good opportunity for English or American editorial markets to do a similar edition and then invite different bloggers. I pretty much believe there will be more and more blogger books to come! So many talents out there! xx

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