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Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley in Melbourne

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

We found this precious gem of a cafe, Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley, and would love to share these marvelous interiors with you. The interiors were designed by Studio Esteta, an architectural and interior design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. It is the round shapes and color palette in particular, that has caught our eyes. Round shapes have always had a large presence in interior design and have been coming back stronger in the past seasons.

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley via Eclectic Trends

There are inexhaustible meanings to the form of the circle, among them the epic symbolism of unity, balance, wholeness and infinity and they can be also applied to these interiors. These quotes from an interview with Sarah Cosentino, the director of Studio Estela, underline that there is a rich and deep meaning behind the use of the circle:

Rich in meaning and symbolism in Asian culture, the circle represents oneness, perfection and unity. This rich symbolism becomes a recurring theme with the introduction of a series of limed ply circular openings that divide the long narrow space into dining, bar and kitchen zones. The circular insertions allow for the space and design to unravel gradually, imbuing a sense of intrigue and discovery amongst diners.
Sarah Cosentino



Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

Another striking element of the cafe is the combination of the colors: even though they all have a close family resemblance, coming from the same analogous color harmony, ranging from a very pale pinkish salmon and deep burgundy – optically their tonality varies in intensity. This combination sharpens the senses and creates a sophisticated, serene and calm atmosphere. This effect homogenizes them into a balanced and harmonious interior. And that is exactly the effect tone-on-tone palettes provide.

The balanced tonality and the interior language in general are meant to playfully celebrate a cliché of retro styled Asian restaurants and their prominent use of round forms. The application of harmonious colors and circle forms are used consequently and merges successfully to a gorgeous unit, which again underlines the philosophy behind the circle.

Images courtesy of Workshop Brothers. Photography by Tessa Ross-Phelan.

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