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Yinka Ilori Collaborates with Domus to introduce a color-driven tile collection

Yinka llori Domus Eclectic Trends

Yinka Ilori x Domus The Tile Collaboration

UK tile brand Domus has joined forces with the talented multidisciplinary designer, Yinka Ilori, to create an exciting new tile collection. The Yinka Ilori x Domus tile collection beautifully captures the essence of colour and pattern, elevating any space with its mesmerising ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Yinka llori Domus colours Eclectic Trends


Celebrating Color and Playfulness: Glaze and Screen Ranges

The collection encompasses two distinct ranges – Glaze and Screen – each exuding a unique playfulness and a touch of happiness. Inspired by traditional African patterns and architecture, these ranges effortlessly showcase Yinka Ilori’s trademark use of dynamic geometric lines and shapes.


Yinka Ilori’s Artistry: A Fusion of Nature and Heritage

Renowned for his ability to infuse designs with optimism and vibrancy, Yinka Ilori draws inspiration from nature, sunlight, and his British-Nigerian heritage. Working closely with a workshop in Portugal, he has crafted two exquisite tile ranges that celebrate the beauty of being present while embracing nature. The versatile collection offers a blend of rich patterns and soothing colours, empowering individuals and designers to unleash their creativity and make these tiles truly their own.


Glaze Range – Boundless Colour Possibilities

The Glaze range consists of handmade glazed ceramic tiles, available in a staggering selection of 16 joyous colours and five modular shapes. The glossy finish of these tiles reflects light, imparting depth and dimension to any space. Whether used individually or combined in endless combinations, the Glaze tiles infuse life and vibrancy into every corner they adorn.


Screen Range – A Bold Blend of Patterns and Colours

The Screen range offers porcelain tiles featuring four captivating patterns, each available in three distinct colourways. Hand-screen-printed in a selection of bold hues, these abstract designs can be used individually or artfully mixed and matched, resulting in a truly dramatic and visually striking display.

Yinka llori Domus tile colours Eclectic Trends


Unveiling the Yinka Ilori x Domus Tile Collection

The highly anticipated Yinka Ilori x Domus tile collection officially launched on May 23, 2023, at Domus Clerkenwell during the prestigious Clerkenwell Design Week. This collection not only encapsulates the spirit of Yinka Ilori’s artistry but also showcases Domus’ commitment to offering innovative and design-forward tile solutions for contemporary spaces.

With Yinka Ilori’s imaginative use of colour and Domus’ expertise in tile craftsmanship, this collaboration introduces a range that transcends mere functionality and becomes a stunning expression of creativity. From vibrant homes to dynamic commercial spaces, these colourful tiles are destined to make a lasting impression, transforming any environment into an enchanting work of art.

Yinka llori Domus Eclectic Trends

Yinka llori Domus tile collection Eclectic Trends

Yinka llori Domus Eclectic Trends

Yinka llori Domus tiles Eclectic Trends

Images courtesy of Yinka Llori and Domus

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