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YSG Studio creates a tiered seaside escape


YSG Studio creates highly customised interiors that are charged with a rebellious spark.


The provocative chords of Director Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem’s imagination have garnered countless design accolades over almost twenty years.

Made up of a multinational team of architects and interior designers the studio’s immersive approach to sculpting spaces for private residences plus the hospitality and commercial sectors is realised through the creation of abundant elements.

These elements consider everything from joinery to individual furnishing pieces, from craft to truly inimitable solutions that cohesively connect all interior aspects.

Daring palettes, organic shapes and unexpected textural pairings elicit experiential outcomes with lasting impact.

Steeped in craftsmanship, mixing vibrant riffs and atmospheric qualities, YSG’s projects are honed with artisanal energy that mutually celebrates whimsy and functionality.

With a diverse range of colour-fuelled, experimental projects we encourage you to take a glimpse at their adventurous palette plays and storytelling interiors here.

In today’s post, we will transport you to a sunny seaside escape, project La Palma is nestled amongst the trees of Palm beach Sydney Australia. 


When trying to imagine the feeling project La Palma evokes think…


“Carefree sun-dappled adventures along remote Mexican shores with a twist of the Côte d’Azur’s refinement”




The living room’s painting inspired the home’s tonal scheme and spirit given many of its colours and motifs are integrated throughout, from hand-painted elements on doors and walls to raffia pendants hovering above the dining table like sombrero hats, and prints adorning lounge cushions.



Anchoring the deeper tones within the painting is a succession of French-washed walls and ceilings scattered like a patchwork pattern throughout both levels.
Hand-painted swirls soften the beams in the sunroom, transforming them into timber-like rafters.


The materials that have been used throughout the project include;
  • Tumbled marble
  • Giallo sienna and toledo marble,
  • European linen,
  • Kimono silk,
  • Tibero marble,
  • Honed travertine,
  • French wash


Photography: Prue Ruscoe

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