Some say…

trends are superficial.
trends do not sell.

trends are fast and do not have an impact.

trend reports can be easily replaced by AI.

trends are made to make people spend money.

trends make me lose my personality.

If you really understand

what a trend is about,

you know this is so not true.


Our vision is simple.

We want to

decode trends that suit YOU best.


empower you to understand The Why of current directions.


help you see what sustainable materials are there on the market.


Trends hold no value if they’re confined to a report.

(And we believe our trend reports are quite something.)

Don’t settle for trends that remain stagnant on a page. We specialize in the art of transforming (sometimes abstract) trends with your teams into tangible and impactful realities. And we call these sessions Trendsperiences.

“For trend translations to thrive, it’s vital that all departments comprehend and embrace them.
These trends should never be neglected, forgotten, or left untouched on the desks upstairs but be shared with as many teams as possible.”


Gudy Herder is the Alma Matter of Eclectic Trends.

What you might not know is that she considers herself 

  • A curious soul ready to explore.
  • A city quitter who is connected to the city.
  • A visual explorer. Beauty is essential.
  • A knowledge facilitator who has been working with 40+ nationalities.
  • Not to be very vocal on social media but fierce on any stage.
  • A color and materials advocate who needs to create with her hands. 

Our mission
is genuinely
to foster



At Eclectic Trends, we’re all about forming caring, sustainable, and profound (H2H) Human2Human connections. We encourage you to say goodbye to the sterile and impersonal B2B terminology – for we know that at the core of every enterprise lie people – and we understand it’s the people who ultimately breathe life into businesses. 90% of our clients repeat with us, and that’s a detail we cherish the most.



Our Trendsperiences are immersive team journeys designed to unleash your inner innovator, fueling creativity, well-being, and fostering a strong sense of belonging and, beyond being truly transformative experiences – they are genuinely human-friendly, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want more of that? :)  Everyone in the room will leave with a further understanding of how a trend works, how to make it actionable, and apply it in a meaningful way.

We facilitate the session, you create innovation!



Our vision is to lead the change towards a more respectful tomorrow by redefining the materials of the future with our materials library, CMF consulting, and workshops. We strive to make a genuine difference, shaping a world where ecological responsibility and human well-being coexist seamlessly.

Through extensive research and unyielding dedication, we unearth sustainable materials that challenge the norms and redefine the design industry, all while bringing beauty and fun to it.

Please continue reading here to learn more about our expertise and how we could collaborate.

Let's talk!

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