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Hey, welcome to our next adventure!


This is what you can expect from my new masterclass:

  • You will learn about three material trends 2024/25 and its applications.

  • You will develop your own proposals for working with sustainable materials.

  • This session is thought for anybody who does not have the time to visit trade shows specializing in materials and wants to be up-to-date on sustainable material solutions.

  • The new program is designed to interchange knowledge…



    Think of a Materials Think Tank, sort of.



  • We will have a round table.

  • The program comes in Castellano and English (two different dates).

  • We are going to spend one day together getting tactile with much fun.

We will have loads of innovative materials in the room, most of them are sustainable. 

 I would love to welcome you in 2024!


PD: You’ll be among the first to receive a note when we open inscriptions and have access to the early-bird treat.

Innovative materials session