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This is our printed Trend Book! (Giveaway)

A well-being color paletteshown in our trend book

I’ve wanted to share our trend book with you for a while and do this before everybody gets a well-deserved vacation (you can join in today in a giveaway; see below). Let’s peek into a work that took us 11 months to finish; the result is everything we hoped for, and we are excited to show a few insights.

How did this project come together? Neolith approached us to create a (printed) book on Macro Trends. The Spanish company operates in the field of sintered stone​ and works with architects and interior designers across the globe.

For this particular commission and together with Enric Pastor, we looked into Urbanization, Well-Being, and Nature/Sustainability, Macro Trends we specialize in, and each chapter includes

  •  one Macro Trend and two Micro Trends
  •  a wide array of projects that contribute to our trend concept
  • a sum-up of keywords to bring all messages together
  • a color palette
  • a materials palette
  • media tips such as podcasts, books, shows, etc., for anybody who wants to dive deeper into each topic
  • four interviews with leading designers
  • an artistic translation of each trend by fantastic creatives who enriched this book enormously


You will find 345 pages – packed with inspiration, resources, and education, the three core principles at Eclectic Trends.



The book Inspired Living For Tomorrow 2024/25 was commissioned as a marketing project for Neolith and is unavailable for sale; it’s a tool and gift for wholesalers, showrooms, architects, and designers. It has been translated into several languages already, thanks to the feedback Neolith received from its market. But you have the chance to receive a copy; we share below how to join the draw.

Let us show you a few snippets of the content:



The rise of mega cities has conditioned our lifestyle. The world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion inhabitants by 2050, with 70% of them (6.7 billion) living in urban areas. This density is influencing how homes are designed. Space is becoming ever more valuable in the new metropolises. Thus, micro-living has arisen as a flexible and ingenious home concept that not only gets the most out of the sqm available; it integrates shared spaces and services such as laundry rooms and rooftops to facilitate human interaction. The Era of Co remains and lives new waves of innovation, becoming smarter, greener, inclusive, connected, and healthy.


Sustainable Mobility – The Tree Path (Carlo Ratti Associati and  Office for Living Architecture)


The Tree Path is an elevated cyclist route that runs between trees supported on two parallel rows of bushes that act as pillars. Situated in the Italian countryside, this road project ends in Sabbioneta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explores sustainable mobility by mixing natural and artificial elements.

An uplifted Tree Path for sustainable mobility shown in our trend book

Trend Translation: New worlds and imaginary scenes where the materials communicate in an entertaining and uplifting way.

Each Macro Trend includes exclusive artwork created with different techniques. Based on the trends mentioned in this chapter, artist Rafafans has imagined interiors of subtle complexity that are flexible, modular, and integrated with nature to arouse pleasure in thinking about what it would like to live in them. The colors, textures, and shapes speak of spaces full of the lovely nuances found in our everyday lives, which come together perfectly, sometimes going unnoticed. Yet they find their place and importance in these inspiring compositions.

Collage artwork shown in our trend book by Rafafans



How it makes me feel is a question consumers will often ask themselves once they acquire a product or service, right before making a purchase decision, or when they enjoy a particular space. This space can be your home, a hotel, a restaurant, the airport, or your dentist’s facilities. Wellness brands cover physical, mental, and social characteristics, and beyond offering products or services, they need to demonstrate a purpose. Users’ decisions are now often based on emotions, and helping them with their wellness and balance is an excellent opportunity to create real value. We show several perspectives in the book on what Well-being means now.

Trend Translation: Evocative scenes creating that holistic path.

Photographs that stimulate the senses, that hug and comfort. Materials and textures, conceptual poetry, light as a language, and unexpected compositions have all been critical to the work of stylist Ángela Esteban Librero and photographer Daniel Jordán Pompa.

The color palette evokes a soft and holistic attitude (physical, emotional, environmental) all new spaces must now embrace, ranging from neutrals to a soft embracing primrose and spiritual hues such as Lavender Fog, blues for serenity up to caring and cocooning browns.

A well-being color palette shown in our trend book

Joyful Nutrition

Mother Pearl prepares artisan-made pearl milk tea with brand values that transmit pleasure, nutrition, and exquisiteness. As you drink this beverage, the flavor-loaded tapioca pearls produce a gratifying state of satisfaction. Pioneering creating of healthy tea houses in Hong Kong, Mother Pearl commissioned the studio A Work of Substance to transfer the pleasurable experience of drinking bubble tea to this space. From the pearl-shaped cloud of lamps floating high above to the dark olive green and natural clay brick façade, everything breathes a commitment to health and sustainability in 32 m2, attracting consumers to the sweetness of the tea.

Joufl nutrition as seen in Bangkok


Societal awareness is growing every day with a strong feeling of respect for the environment in which we live. However, we are still far from achieving a natural balance on the planet. Researching healthier materials, habits, and production processes are under the spotlight.

Although attitudes vary depending on the age range, country, and sector, there is good news: 85% of all consumers have become “greener” in their consumption habits over the last few years. Sustainability is an important buying criterion for 60% of them. 49% are purchasing fewer physical items because they don’t need them. We know this is not enough; greenwashing becomes a minefield; still, the projects we share hopefully give hope for new opportunities.

Interview: Research and translation of Reolivar

Naifactory has developed a new material from olive pits to create small objects and furniture following sustainability criteria.

Two eco-friendly minds and a few olive pits led architect Joseán Vilar (Birmingham, Alabama, 1973) and designer Silvana Catazine (Olinda, Brazil, 1974) to head into the laboratory—pure serendipity. “Silvana was doing a course on circular materials at Elisava, and her professor, Robert Thompson, asked each student to find some waste they could use to create a new material. She was eating at a restaurant, and upon finishing her salad, the pits on her plate caught her attention,” says Vilar. She put them in a napkin and took them to the laboratory to experiment with them for weeks until she came up with one of the first samples of Reolivar, her biomaterial made of this waste.

Naifactory shows recycled olive pits in our trend book


Trend Translation: Natural Balance with a digital approach

Part of the new generation of artists conquering the digital world, young Valencian designer Jesús Mascaraque composes minimalist scenarios to become digitally submerged. He’s reflected the Natural Balance trend in this esthetic world with an imaginative and organic perspective of an at-home work/play space with a blanket of wildflowers representing how our ideas can spring from nature. Cozy curves with Neolith surfaces are included, which can be seen on the right side.

Materials palette shown in our trend book

The book Inspiring Living for Tomorrow, Lifestyle Trends 2024/25 was created through observing and researching currents in all creative areas: interior decorating, design, architecture, art, fashion, technology, gastronomy, and lifestyle, with a particular focus on sustainability and experiencing spaces that reflect the needs and values of an ever-shifting society.

GIVEAWAY – This is how it works:
1. Leave a comment below about why you are interested in receiving the book
2. The draw closes on Tuesday, 04, 10 pm CET
3. Check the blog post where we communicate the winner to see if you are the lucky one:)
4. We give away two books: you can enter on Instagram again (it’s a second draw) today at 9 pm CET. If, by any chance, the random generator has picked you on both platforms (blog and IG), we will assure one delivery and assign the second book to another winner.

We wish you much luck!

PD: I shared in our newsletter today (exclusive content) three learnings I got from producing a trend book for the first time. Please come over to the Wednesday Journal if you want to learn more about this experience.



Client: Neolith

Trend research (includes bringing six trend concepts together, negotiating copyrights, creating individual chapters but also bringing the entire book into a coherent package), color palettes, co-art direction: Eclectic Trends

Text, interviews, coordination of exclusive artwork with all creatives: Enric Pastor

Graphic Design: Bea Barrena

Creatives who contributed with an exclusive translation of each Macro Trend: Rafafans for Urbanization, Angela Esteban Librero, Daniel Jordán Pompa for Well-being, Jesús Mascaraque for Nature/Sustainability

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60 Responses

  1. What a beautiful and rich book!
    As a Feng Shui consultant it’s just a joy to read that the holsitic attitude becomes more part of the interiors of tomorrow!
    I believe that embracing the house you live in as a mirror to yourself creates the possibility to design a sustainable longterm interior that realy reflects you!
    This book is a strong translation with images and colours that reflect that next step!
    It would fit my studio as a glove as I also pay visits to my customers and the book would make it able to show them the right translations of what I could propose.
    Best wishes!

  2. I have been following for a while and I found your ideas and trends always very helpful. I am sure this trend book will be a great source of inspiration for my job and my curiosity. Thank you!

  3. Hello!

    I am interested in a copy of the book. My husband and I are owners of a complete home center in Charm, Ohio ( ). Would it be possible for us to purchase the book?


    1. Dear Karen, we are very sorry since the book is not for sale. It’s a commission made by a Spanish company to give to their architects, designers, and showrooms. The giveaway is a rather unique chance. If there are changes in the distribution, we will make sure to inform you. Best wishes. Gudy

    2. Hello Gudy,
      What a wonderful and interesting book! As a freelance interior styling, I love to have a broad perspective on trends, an update on colours, materials and lifestyles. Homes evolve with us and your study and resources are really important! Thank you for this chance.

  4. Dear Gudy, I’d love to receive the trend book, working my self as a researcher, I think that printed trendbooks have a very important value and are precious objects, I also teach trend research to master students in Milan and I always love to show them several research examples :)

  5. Oh my dear! Gudy Herder es la profesional de tendencias a la que más sigo. Siento admiración absoluta por todo su trabajo y he tenido la suerte de poder conocerla en persona en un curso presencial de Moodboarding que fue súper especial y súper enriquecedor para mí. Pero si además Gudy hace team con Enric Pastor… oh my goodness! Es uno de los pocos profesionales a los que he escrito para felicitarlo por su trabajo, agradeciendo poder disfrutar de su visión del mundo del interiorismo y de la estética en general a través de sus diversos y variados proyectos. Agradezco desde el corazón la existencia de la revista Manera y agradezco y sigo a Gudy en Eclectic Trends fuente total de inspiración para mi salud profesional diaria… Sería un regalo mayúsculo para mi poder disfrutar de este Trend Book, que además, por el cliente al que ha sido destinado, es bastante afín a mi sector profesional, muy relacionado con los materiales de recubrimiento para superficies….

  6. Dear Gudy, i like your work. As an interior architect I am interested in Colors, materials and moodboarding. The book seems very interesting to me to understand better what people are longing for and why.

  7. Dear Gudy,

    I have already learned a lot from your online tutorials. It is always a pleasure to follow you and see your latest trends.
    I would be very happy if I would be the winner of your book.
    Best wishes from germany.


  8. I have followed Gudy for many years.
    Stumbled upon her first on Pinterest, then on social media and letter even took a course of here’s.
    Although I don’t work in interiors anymore I live reading and knowing about trends and understanding human behaviour.
    As a Uni teacher that teaches consumer behaviour having acess to this kind of information is priceless.
    Well done on this new project. ❤️❤️

    1. ¿Cómo no probar suerte para poder tener en mis manos un libro con informacion tan precisa y preciosa? Te leo desde hace tiempo y admiro enormemente tu trabajo y ¿Enric Pastor? ¡ Menudo tandem !
      Gracias de antemano por la oportunidad y cruzo los dedos. ¡Feliz – o lo que necesiteis que sea – verano!

  9. Hi! After I’ve read the comment that the lucky draw is the only chance to get this masterpiece- here am I taking part and start crossing my fingers.
    I’m not a professional, i only love trends, interior design and all familiar to bits. Collecting books like this just makes me happy, not more or less but enough:)
    Would it be with a signature?
    Greetings from Germany

  10. Hi, I’m very interested in the book because I’m passionate about interior design trends. I’m always looking for inspiration to enrich my knowledge.

    Eclectic Trends is a very inspiring place to promote creativity and the future about design.


    Luis Navarro

  11. As a designer I am always looking for trends, what they are and how they have become to be. The book sounds like an amazing outcome from a great partnership, one which informs and pleases the eye.
    Personally and professionaly, I don’t have the budget to acquire trend studies, and getting the book would be amazing help.

  12. Hi! I have been following your work for years. I am passionate about design and trends and when I read that you were raffling this wonderful book I thought it would come in handy for my new studio I just opened. I admire the ability you have to spot these trends and the beauty of the content you create. Let’s see if I’m lucky! Best Regards!

  13. Thank you for the amazing chance! Looking forward to discovering all the trends in the book!

  14. Eclectictrends is always very inspiring content and now with this trend book it would be even more fantastic to have a printed version on hot topics like sustainability/spaces/well &more
    I would love to be the lucky winner!! Crossfingers and thanks Gudy & team

  15. I am relaunching my design business and deal with trend cycles of 3 months to 5 years. It’s been difficult to manage the different timelines but your book is fresh…cuts through the noise of wanna-be trends to those that have value, vision and application. Dare I overstate and say your book will help my mental health (just kidding, of course!).

  16. Hello Gudy!
    I wanted to express my admiration for your incredible work on the book. It is truly impressive to see how far you have come in your journey. As someone who deeply appreciates well-documented trends and beautifully designed books, I consider it a must-have resource for both my personal interests and professional endeavors. I genuinely hope to be one of the fortunate individuals to win a copy of your book. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

  17. Inspiracción es la palabra que viene a la cabeza cuando imagino un livro de Gudy Herder y Eclectic Trends. Creatividad y la posibilidad de un mundo más poetico. Me encantaría recibir el libro, ojalá me toque. Desde Brasil soy una gran admiradora.

  18. I would love this book. My dream is to establish a beautiful thriving business utilizing creative concepts and trends . It seems to offer the timely trend
    information I need right now and a tool for making decisions with confidence. Send me my free book and , “let”s get started”.

  19. Dear Gudy
    I have read through your descriptions of this amazing project you have undertaken.
    I would love to be selected as the winner.
    I have enjoyed your newsletter for years and also your look into trends.
    You have come up with inspiring trends that relate to the world today.
    Thank you so much for the creating the book.

    MaryJane Mitchell

  20. Because I follow your work and admire it a lot. I also have taken an online course with you on the subject of how to make a mood board. Love the mix of professionalism and easy going way you approach colors, design, trends. Somehow, it makes me feel I am taking part on the making of the future. The trends do not look so out of this world! Best.

  21. Me encantaría recibir el libro , ya que hace años que te sigo !!

    Me gusta estar informada sobre las tendencias de diseño ya que reflejan lo que las personas necesitan y los cambios sociales y me es fundamental para mi profesión de Diseñadora de Interiores !

    Gracias por ésta posibilidad !!!

  22. I’ve always had a passion for design of all kinds, especially Interiors and Architecture but it’s only recently that I’ve taken the plunge into studying Interior Design. Your blog resources on my journey into Interior Design have been a reliable go-to for information and inspiration and feed my passion for beautiful homes that nourish the well-being of the occupants and tread softly on the environment.

  23. I love the whole concept of this book. It is not only an inspirational guide, but also a good guide to the new future paths that people are focusing on and wanting to put their energy into. It seems to me a fantastic tool to imagine, create, act and inspire. All the best! Montse.

  24. Hi Gudy,
    Once again you have produced a thoughtful and thought-provoking trends insight. Thank you for all that you do, I’ve been following your posts since 2016 when I first purchased your online Moodboarding workshop. You are a constant source of unique inspiration. My fingers are crossed that I win the beautiful book. Thank you also to Neolith for giving one of their books away! All the best as always, Tracy

  25. I’m Liudmyla and I from Ukraine. I admire your work and know how much work needs to be done, what layer of information to process to create such a book. I am from Ukraine and 2 years ago, I finished fashion forecasting in Kyiv, but, unfortunately, I did not get enough practical experience in this direction. I have never held a trend book in my hands. This is my dream. I do not stop developing in this direction and will continue. I want to develop trend forecasting in Ukraine. We have a war now and our people will need this knowledge very much. We hope that this hell will end soon and we will be able to peacefully rebuild our cities and villages. I would like to be the guide of your work further into the world. I want your work to bring maximum benefit to society. I will wait for a miracle

  26. As an interior designer I’m always looking for inspiration. All this years I admire your content and your unique ideas so much. Also, Neolith is a brand a really love and would like to know the result of this collaboration !!! Thank you 😊

  27. Hi Gudy
    Oh, how I would love to dig in to a printed book, featuring your brilliant work. Cross my fingers and wish for luck. Best summer to you and the team
    sweets/ Laura

    1. Dear Laura, congrats! You are the lucky winner of one copy. Please send us your details so we can send you the book by 11.07.2023. Best wishes!

  28. I am interested for book. I follow your all amazing work. Want to know more about trends and color design.

  29. ¡Qué hermosísimo trabajo! Soy comunicación social y me sumerjo profundamente en los estudios urbanos y como se materializan las ideas y las emociones en el espacio. Me encantaría disfrutar y aprender más de tu trabajo en este libro. Gracias 🍀🧚🏻

  30. Hello Gudy, I’d love to have the book. I work as an independent surface designer mainly for textiles. I love your amazing work!
    All the best,
    Susanne from Canada

  31. Inspiration is everywhere. But imagine being able to hold it in the palm of your hands….

    This book looks amazing. I am a new interior designer ready to leave my footprint wherever I go. Trying to learn and take it all in like a sponge. Filtering, finding my voice. Not just lead by trends but also by emotional connection and sustainability.

    Can’t wait to see where my journey takes me. Would be helpful to have this amazing book as a guide of inspirations.

  32. This book looks fantastic and inspiring. Not to mention beautiful! As a textile and color designer, I would love to gain inspiration and insight from this beautiful book!

  33. Hi 😊 As an interior decorator and stylist, I am ALWAYS looking to keep myself up to date with current trends. A must have resource! Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity!

  34. Hi Gudy,
    I would love to receive a copy of this book as a colour artist I would love to learn other perspectives on colour and trends.

  35. Hello Gudy! With my colleagues I have followed your e-course on moodboarding! Such an inspiration, we use the knowledge on a daily basis to create beautiful combinations with our products. It would be lovely to receive this book, as it seems superinspiring and I am very eager to know where you think the (design)world is heading towards! Thanks a lot!

  36. Hello Gudy,

    I only discovered your work recently but as an aspiring trend researcher and consultant, I find it to be super inspiring. Currently, I am in the second year of a trend research study program in the Netherlands in which I also explored people’s needs to disconnect from the digital world to reconnect with nature and humans. Therefore, the insights of the book that you already shared really sparked my interest and I would be very happy to get the chance to dive deeper into well-being and nature/sustainability with your book. To get an insight into the way you present your research to clients would also really help me to better understand how to communicate my insights into value shifts with them in the future. I am having my fingers crossed for everyone! Keep up the great work. Nice regards, Julius

  37. What a wonderful opportunity to have one of your trend books! Thank you! I’ve been following your work for years and have gained so much inspiration from you already. I’m an interior designer and this book would be treasured by myself and my team. xxoo

  38. I had the worst possible start of the year. Betrayed by ex partner, my beloved dog passed away of cancer and more.
    The one thing left is my passion for interior design. Positive vibes my way hopefully

  39. I am a Creative Director, Illustrator, Brand Strategist in New Zealand. Passionate about architecture, interior design and creating functional, creative, harmonizing spaces. It’s fine to look online at upcoming trends but I have never come across a book like this where it is detailed and methodical across key aspects that I can refer back to. That’s me to a tee, so this book is a must have. I am on instagram @annabelleogilviestudio and look forward to following along your account. I would be really grateful to receive a copy. Cheers, Annabelle

  40. Dear Gudy,

    What a great giveaway! I would be delighted to receive your first printed Trend Book that will be surely packed with valuable inspiration.
    Stay creative!

    Best regards,

  41. Hi Gudy!
    I’m an interior designer who specialize on working with materials. And you’re huge inspiration for me on how to work with materials, see them and feel. I would be the happiest person if I win the Trend Book as I believe that everything around us influences on design and design influences on everything and it’s very interesting always to explore that connection.
    Anyway, I admire your work and send you the best wishes!

  42. As a passionate brand strategist navigating the intersections of interior design, architecture, art, and sustainability, I find the book to be the useful guide to our ever-evolving world. The content resonates deeply with my ethos and mirror the driving forces of my clients’ projects. This book promises to be a resource, equipping me with the insight to inspire, provoke, and create meaningful change 🤍

  43. El trabajo de Gudy me inspira a seguir trabajando y aumentar mi conocimiento en tendencias sostenibles. Me encantaría poder tener el libro en físico.

  44. Oeps.. Hope I’m not to late.. Its my Birthday today!
    I really would like to win the beautiful book to use for my interior designs and teachings in interior color. This would be such a great gift!

    1. Hi Iris, we are sorry, the draw closed yesterday evening. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day and a better new journey around the sun!

  45. I would love to own this! It looks soooo beautiful and very inspiring for all aspects of a creative life! Thanks for the chance to win!

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