Color Forecast 2022 By Jotun: Embrace, Playful, and Cherish


Embrace, Playful, and Cherish are the color trends that belong to TOGETHER, the core theme of Jotun‘s next forecast for 2022.   “Humans are social beings and thrive best with others. The time we spend with family and friends is enriching for body, soul and mind. The need to meet others has rarely been greater […]

3 Color Trends 2022 by Dulux Australia

We’re excited to share another year 3 Color Trends 2022 by Dulux Australia, who have given us many wonderful color directions for Australia and New Zealand for the past years. Since its inception, Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, has worked on every Colour Forecast and shares her trend forecasting process.     Dulux Australia is presenting […]

Highlights of the Milan Design Week 2021, part II

I’ve been publishing my highlights of the Off Salone for years now and wouldn’t want to miss the round-up this time either. Here go a few highlights of installations or exhibitions of the Milan Design Week 2021 where, more than ever, you could observe nicely executed the necessary motto of SEE, TOUCH & EXPERIENCE.   1// […]

This was the Supersalone 2021, part I

Supersalone 2021 Highlights

I’ve been revisiting the Milan fair after what feels like a long hiatus. The new naming for the Salone del Mobile this year comes charged with expectations, and so does the idea of what kind of messages, design, and innovation we might see in 2021 considering that 2022 will be the 60th anniversary of the […]

The New Care Economy – Our Wellbeing Trend Report


Our latest wellbeing trend package, The New Care Economy is published. Ten months of research have come to an end, and we are thrilled to present to you what we’ve been working on. In recent months, you have heard us talk about a shifting consciousness of Care and Wellness that has entered every corner of our lives, […]

What Makes A Wellness Brand In 2022/23?


You have heard us talk about wellness much more in the past months because this topic is at the core of our personal and professional interests at Eclectic Trends. A new concept of Care and Wellness has entered every corner of our lives, inside and outside our homes. We know we have changed over the […]