3 Reasons Why The Lab Trend Is Relevant Now

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Why is clinical design in architecture, interior & product design so on-vogue leading us to a Lab Trend? Let's put three relevant fields that deliver similar patterns under the microscope. But before we analyze the beauty, food and digital world, a few more words on common characteristic we see in this trend. The trend main focus is on creating clinical and futuristic …

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Trends&Food Barcelona Design Week 2019: Preinscriptions

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It's the time of the year that I am taking part of the Barcelona Design Week 2019 , this is the third year in a row and we have a special edition for 2019 planned. I am teaming up with longtime contributor, friend and food artist, Elsa Yranzo to bring a new Trends &Food experience to the design scene. The trend lecture …

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REGENERATION – Our Trend Book No.1 is published!

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After nine month of thoroughly researching, we are happy to announce we are back to offering trend reports and that REGENERATION - Our Trend Book No.1 is published.     In this digital report we talk sustainability' from a point of view of restoring, recreating and regenerating and invite everybody to reflect on how to embrace getting greener by supporting causes and designers through …

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Revealed! This is going to be our Trend Book No.1!

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We are very happy to announce the theme of our Trend Book No.1   REGENERATION   "The renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system after injury or as a normal process’ describes a wider concept of how to take care of myself and the planet."   Sustainability starts to sound like a mainstream concept so we wanted to provide a little more food …

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7 reasons a Trend Book can help your business grow

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During the years, I have explained many times to my audiences and clients 7 reasons a Trend Book can help their business grow. But I actually have never written about it on Eclectic Trends. We shared last week our new direction of how we are going to publish trend reports from now on. There are many reasons why we have adopted this …

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The Big News: We are back to publishing Trend Books!

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After much planning and researching, I am very happy to announce, we are back to publishing Trend Books and hopefully, give you the opportunity too, to access to what we believe is worth to share and know. And this time, we do it the BIG way. But let me explain step by step. 1// What we are not doing anymore   I have decided not to …

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