Thrilled to be a FRAME jury member-This is what we do.

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Back To The Jury. I'm happy I could make it this time and hopefully add as a FRAME jury member. I've been reading FRAME for ages and always admired their sharp eye for what is going on behind the scenes. Being a jury member has given me wonderful opportunities at former processes to access projects and creatives I probably wouldn't have found …

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How to make silence and contemplation attractive?

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How to make silence and contemplation attractive and desirable? A rising Monastic Mood is defined by designing and curating a space of stillness as a way of creating a sanctuary of silence.     Cedric Etienne, co-founder of Studio Corkinho (Antwerp-based) started a pilgrimage that took him to monasteries and cloisters in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Japan to study …

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Faye Toogood x Birkenstock 1774

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We are a huge fan of Faye Toogood and her approach to volume. As a multidisciplinary designer, one of her greatest skills is to integrate a design vision across different typologies and still be recognized. She has teamed up with Birkenstock 1774 to enter the luxury fashion market. Cork, quilted leather, and canvas are the three materials she picked as her signature. …

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Arca House, Commissioned By Nature

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During the research for specific projects for our next trend report, Essentiality (we'll send you a note if you'd like to be informed about the launch date), we found the Arca Home, named by the locals as it came as a ship in the middle of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The structure mimics a specific Brazilian indigenous house typology (Asurini, Médio Xingu) …

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How To Turn Your Apartment In A Pandemic-Friendly Showroom?

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We've become extra creative during the past months. Designing and producing without showing new creations is a challenging endeavor so that a pandemic-friendly showroom might answer that need. Architects Clio Dimofski and Olivier Garcé are part of PierreYovanivitch's team and opened a new New York branch. In an effort to share new designs and with the help of friends and gallerists, …

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Domed Buildings As A Driver For Community Power

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200 colored domed buildings constructions contain holiday homes and facilities on the island of Hormuz overlooking the Persian Gulf. Iranian practice ZAV Architects wanted to encourage tourists to visit the forgotten island and help increase the local GDO (gross domestic product) while being an alternative to standard high-rise holiday apartments. We are used to seeing high-rise hotel structures on shores; these …

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