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A new mix and match language by Terzo Piano

Mix and match surface design by Terzo Piano

Terzo Piano is a creative consultancy that builds visual experiences, tells stories and atmospheres through a multidisciplinary approach that includes interior design, creative direction, and ultimately also product design for surfaces.

Together with La Pietra Compattata they have envisioned Ri_Tagli creating a language made of graphic silhouettes cut out from pre-existing shapes to give life to a new narrative.

The collection invites to enjoy surface design in a personal and unique way by choosing combinations from the wide range of colors of the modules and grouts proposed by La Pietra Compattata: mix and match games, tone-on-tone colors and contrasting grouts are just some of the creative possibilities.

Starting from the 3 proposed compositions it is possible to customize the laying pattern in 4 different variations, choosing colors and poses. In short, a level of customization never experienced and decidedly innovative and environmental friendly.
Here goes why:
La Pietra Compattata is a one-of-a-kind, stone-look surfacing that represents the new frontier of a sustainable tile.
Made of a selection of natural raw materials recovered from the stone cutting process, the tiles meet strict criteria for green building including heat island reduction, recycled materials and packaging, and low-emitting materials.

After the raw materials including quartz, granite, and porphyry are crushed into a stone powder mixture, they are cold-pressed with cement binding into a uniquely textured, low-embodied energy, compact surfacing. The tiles are made in Italy of 60% recycled content through an environmentally friendly process that uses recycled water, manufacturing waste, and a simple drying process that eliminates CO2 emissions for cleaner air.

This versatile collection that comes with a beautiful color palette can be used indoors and outdoors and is suitable for areas with high commercial traffic.

Mix and match surface design by Terzo Piano

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