IT’S TRENDING: 9 Examples of beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-paletes-Eclectic Trends

This is one of the most actual color trends to me in Interior Design. Tone-on-tone palettes simply features one main hue and then other graded tones within that scheme are added to match the color composition. You can work with different paint on your walls and complement with furniture, textiles and accessories. The trick is to stay just within one hue and make it a story with less contrast possible.

For today’s post, I have decided to concentrate on three hues leaving behind usual palettes such as greys or off-white to extra spark a bit your imagination.


Let’s begin with a more feminine style which has been really popular during the last few years. Pale pink and nude shades have been evolving so you get to choose today between a wider scheme, yet all gathered under the Cosmetic Color Scheme umbrella.

Colors range from blush, copper tones to more earthy hues depending on the atmosphere you’d like to achieve.

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends


9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends

Marcus Lawett for H&M Home

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-paletes-Eclectic Trends




Green Walls  are a theme which is on point right now. We have been writing about it a few weeks ago with thousands of repins (to my surprise) and that clearly talks about how popular this paint color is. Sometimes all it takes is write a post about it and test its acceptance:)

It really gets interesting when you can match your vertical decoration such as art work according to the paint hue (second image below).

Everything surrounding the Green Movement has started in the Interior Design World 3-4 years ago, and it’s no wonder, we finally paint our walls in this same color regardless the tone we choose. After all, it’s easy to change after a while, right? Painting walls is probably the less risky investment you can have in your home getting a totally different look when you tire of a certain color you once loved.

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends

The Rug Company

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends

Kristofer Johnsson for Folkhem

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends



One of the smartest tricks here is to blend in your furniture with your walls. The paint market has grown a lot and offers all kind of trending colors today. Paint companies even set trends for the entire Interior Design industry and many of us follow their recommendations.

They also get great coverage by stylists such as Lotta Agaton  who has been working with tone-on-tone palettes the past 12 month bringing proposals to product catalogs, magazines and blogs and is helping to spread this fab style.

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends


9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends


9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-palettes-Eclectic Trends

Beppe Brancato Photography

We believe all three palettes are very beautiful, it might depend on your mood and light you have home whether you go for one or another. You can find some more color inspiro just below this post. And yes, there is much green going on now! G, x

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How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. A lovely round up of images and ideas – definitely captures the design mood of the moment! It’s just tricky choosing which colour to go for! 😄

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